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roller derby!

I am not good at sports. Not only do I not play any sport well, but I’m not even very good at watching them. If I watch on TV the camera usually follows the action and I can keep track … Continue reading

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Wanderings: Lunar New Year celebrations in Seattle

Happy Lunar New Year! (and happy spring, if you live in the Pacific NW! These daffodils are from my garden and this is my second vase of them this season. The ram/goat card is a wood block print from my favorite dreaming … Continue reading

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a silly KonMari follow up photo – oshire/oshiri

Hey there, I found this old film photo the other day when I was doing some file backups. It has always made me laugh… in part because of the look on my old friend Kev’s face, and in part because … Continue reading

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all my Christmas adventures in one monster post

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great holiday season and a fun celebration of the turning over of the calendar. We ate good food, spent time with family and friends, completed a puzzle (an activity that’s become … Continue reading

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writing, feeling, listening, not thinking!

You know how sometimes you go to an event and you’re really fired up and inspired, but you get home and find that the mundane realities of your life get in the way and you can’t make use of that … Continue reading

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Dungeness Spit adventure

This past Sunday was a beautiful day to go for a very long walk. My friend M included me in her plans to walk the longest natural sand spit in the US with her almost 5 year old kiddo. Dungeness Spit … Continue reading

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remembering June 4: 1989, 1999, 2014

I heard something on the news the other day about how Chinese people have “amnesia” about the events of June 4th, the event we know as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, which happened 25 years ago today. At first I felt … Continue reading

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adventures in shopping

Here’s a re-creation of my interior monologue while I was shopping at the local mall looking for a “fancy” top today: polyester… polyester… feels like polyester… ugh, polyester… ew, acrylic feels like plastic… oh, that’s cute! shame it’s polyester… why … Continue reading

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travel wardrobe review

Today is the last day of my trip. Tonight around midnight I will be getting on a plane and flying into the past… arriving in Honolulu before lunchtime today and then arriving home in Seattle 2 hours before I leave … Continue reading

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nz bakery case love

They love their baked goods here! Most of these are coffee shop bakery cases. Plenty to choose from for a little morning tea, or a quick lunch on the go. There are delicious egg, cheese and pastry concoctions, and huge … Continue reading

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