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hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees

It’s that magical time of the year when all the gardens look lovely! The rhododendrons are blooming all over town and my garden is a riot of purple, pink, blue, and green.¬†We haven’t had as much spring rain as we … Continue reading

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September garden progress – back yard

Continuing on from my front yard garden projects earlier in the week, on Friday and Saturday I made progress on the back yard. Mimi prefers when I stay in the back – she can hang out with me if she … Continue reading

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September garden progress – front yard

I’m very pleased with myself. I’ve been taking advantage of the sunny warm weather this week. I’ve done at least one thing in the garden every day except Monday (when the weather was grey and I was feeling blah). I … Continue reading

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front yard tomato relish adventures

My front yard cherry tomatoes are still going strong! I have harvested at least three 4 cup bowls of them this season. Enough that it seemed like we had too many to just snack on and throw into salads. So … Continue reading

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as summer comes to an end…

Hi! I apologize for my absence. I don’t know what happened to my blogging mojo in August. I had been working on 4 different posts, and when I got them done I closed my wordpress dash and never came back! … Continue reading

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a simple thing: our lawn

Not all lawns are simple. Lawns are not my favorite thing. I can’t stand the neighborhoods that require a bright green perfectly trimmed lawn in front of every house. I dug up our front lawn. But our back lawn is … Continue reading

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In the news: bees

You may know that I call my front garden Beetopia. It hums and buzzes all summer long. Lately there have been a variety of different kinds of bees visiting – several kinds of bumbles, some odd little bees that look … Continue reading

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Beetopia garden progress: weeding

The weather has been nice, so I’ve been working in the garden. I spent about 3 hours pulling grass and weeds today. And an hour or so yesterday. And maybe an hour (one tub’s worth at least) on Monday. This … Continue reading

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