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P333 July review, heading into August

Hi there, I’m back with a quick review of what I wore last month. Not a lot of surprises. I’ve settled into this Project 333 way of life and getting dressed and managing my wardrobe is really pretty simple now. … Continue reading

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Summer Learning Inspiration: Family History Part 2

Here is part 2 of my Library Inspired genealogy project on the KRL blog. I keep finding new information to fill in the gaps, but each new detail begs new questions. I can see why people get hooked by this … Continue reading

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June Project 333 review, heading into a hot July

I’ve probably mentioned (several times) that it’s been unseasonably hot and dry here in the Pacific NW this spring. For all intents and purposes, we skipped spring, if spring is defined as the mild few months of rain before summer … Continue reading

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saying goodbye to worn out shoes

I never got caught up in that “Velveteen Rabbit” trap of seeing my soft toys as real creatures, perhaps because I have never actually read that book. I don’t name my appliances, except my Kindle (Bibliomatic). But I do, sometimes, … Continue reading

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Summer Learning Inspiration: Family History

I wrote a guest post for Kitsap Regional Library’s blog about what I’m doing for Summer Learning this year.

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caramel corn and defaulting to favorites

I opened a bag of caramel popcorn the other day to eat while we watched a movie. I like the idea of caramel corn. The reality? Not so much. My teeth stuck together and I really didn’t need much of it … Continue reading

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May Project 333 review and new purchases

Hi there, I’m back with a reflection on what I’ve been wearing lately. I feel like I’ve made some progress, passing along some things that I really don’t love any more, and buying some really useful replacement pieces. My most … Continue reading

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hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees

It’s that magical time of the year when all the gardens look lovely! The rhododendrons are blooming all over town and my garden is a riot of purple, pink, blue, and green. We haven’t had as much spring rain as we … Continue reading

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April Project 333 review and summer wishlist

Hellooo, I’m back again! Another month has come and gone and I still have a small 33-ish item wardrobe. And as I tend to do I’m going to reflect on that and think aloud about what’s working and what’s not … Continue reading

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Happy May 2nd, whatever you celebrate…

Happy World Scrapbooking Day! (and World Naked Gardening Day, if you’re that way inclined). It is May Day weekend, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming, “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a daughter” … Continue reading

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