P333 July review, heading into August

Hi there,

I’m back with a quick review of what I wore last month. Not a lot of surprises. I’ve settled into this Project 333 way of life and getting dressed and managing my wardrobe is really pretty simple now. (The tracking spreadsheet is here if you want to see my list.)

It was hot, hot, hot last month – the warmest on record in this state ever, with our temperatures over 90F on nine or ten days. We spent a lot of time indoors, with fans on, trying to stay cool. Our usual two month summer has been stretched by El Niño this year. We’re now in month 3, and looking at another month (or maybe even two?) of hot dry weather still to come.

It should come as no surprise that I wore a sundress on 12 days. I love summer because that’s all you need. No cardigan or leggings or layers. Simple. Pull a sundress on, choose some shoes, and people think you’ve gone to trouble. My blue print cotton jersey dress was the most worn, as usual.

I have been getting lots of use out of my shorts and capris this year. I’m glad I found some that fit well and have lots of pockets. I wore my black linen shorts and my capris more often than the turquoise shorts this month. Who knows why?

The 4 tight Target tank tops I list as “layering tanks” are very useful year round. I wear them without other layers if I’m hanging around the house on a hot day (and they double as pj tops). I don’t usually choose them for out-and-about though – I prefer a looser tank, or something with more coverage, or I add something over the top. I wore them on at least 11 days this month (divided by four tanks, but counted as one item).

I barely had a need for top layers this month, just adding a lightweight sweatshirt or a short sleeved cardigan on the few cooler days. The three-quarter sleeve sweatshirts are just right over a tank on a cooler day. I really don’t need two of them, except that the hot pink is just too bright for my mood some days, and the grey too dull other days.

Because the sun was blisteringly hot most of the month I opted to wear a t-shirt that would give me more coverage and sun protection than a tank if I was going out walking during the day. I have about five print t-shirts that I count as one item – they’re a mixture of sentimental tees and freebie/brand-swag tees. I also have one nice pink striped t-shirt that I wore about once a week (and then it spent most of the rest of the time in the laundry hamper). Between the print tees and the pink striped one, I wore a t-shirt 14 times in July.

At the end of the month I found myself wandering in Target, looking again for a v-neck t-shirt that would coordinate nicely with my shorts and skirts…

I also discovered the stationery in the Dollar Spot... I'm such a sucker for color.

I also discovered the stationery in the Dollar Spot… I’m such a sucker for color.

I picked up a navy one and an aqua one (two for $14 or one for $9… I thought it wouldn’t hurt to get two). The aqua doesn’t go with my turquoise shorts, but it goes with everything else, and it’s a fun happy color. The navy goes with everything, although I probably wouldn’t choose to pair it with black, and maybe not so often with denim. Of course neither go with my crazy pink reversible shirt, but that’s Ok because I had a few options to wear with that skirt.

As always there were plenty of items that I barely wore or didn’t wear at all. This month the mix will be slightly different. Next month the weather should shift into a cooler pattern, so the cardigans will come back into play more often. As always, I wear everything less often than I think I do. That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from tracking what I wear. It hasn’t necessarily lead me to getting rid of a lot clothes, but I definitely see that I don’t need to add any more.

That Target trip was the only clothes shopping or browsing that I did all month. I realized I was managing without those new t-shirts because I was wearing t-shirts that probably shouldn’t be in my wardrobe at all. I had retrieved the sentimental shirts from their box in the closet because I knew I would need something to wear while exercising this summer. Now, in theory, I will put them back. And the brand tees are really only for loungewear or dirty work. If they don’t count that means I can’t wear them when I should be dressing myself in a presentable manner.

Well, anyway. That’s it. There is no drama in my wardrobe!

We are trucking along here as usual. I am spending quite a bit of time working on my family history and communicating what I’ve found to family, trying to gather more details to fill in the gaps. More on that soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

As always,


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