why I didn’t do a Project 333 review for March

Howdy folks :)

It’s been a while…

I got a little stuck on blogging because it was time for me to write my post about what I wore in March, but I really didn’t have much to say.

That’s because I just wore my clothes, and there really wasn’t much drama involved. Sometimes I wore pants or a skirt with a top. Sometimes I wore a dress. Sometimes I dressed nicely. Other times I wore pajamas most of the day and then changed into sweatpants. Nothing too exciting to share about that! As usual there are several things that I didn’t wear at all, some things that I wore constantly, and plenty in between. My wardrobe is in a pretty good place.

March April P33 closet

My choices for spring are evolving. Which is to say that I’ve put a few things away as it’s become clear that winter has been, and is, over. I’m going to send my teal coat out for dry cleaning so I can put it away. I’ve barely worn it lately because it has been too warm. I’ve set aside my teal cardigan for donation because every time I think I want to wear it I remember that it’s got too much collar to be really comfy and that the color clashes with most of my dresses.

Right now I’m wearing long sleeves tees on the cooler days but short sleeves or sleeveless with a cardigan works for the warmer days. We’ve had temps ranging from the 40s to the 60s – mild to warm, or even toasty in the sun. As always, I’m all about the cardigans. My new grey one has been working out well. I don’t think I’ve shared a picture of that one yet. (It’s shoved in the top of the organizer in the picture above – light grey cable knit cotton). It has been a useful layer this spring and should work well for next winter too. So far I haven’t replaced my (black) fine-knit cotton cardigan. I’m sure I could use one but I haven’t found a color that appeals to me. And I have other options. It’s good weather for my short sleeved cotton cardigans right now.

I have several things I need to buy, but very little motivation to go shopping. Every time I realize that I need a pair of ballet flats to wear TODAY I berate myself for procrastinating. It’s on my to-do list… And as the weather heats up there will be a few other things to replace. I’m very much wishing I had pockets in my denim skirt, so I’ve been looking out for something that will work. But I’m not really shopping. Because I’m so over shopping. It’s a pain to hate shopping when you actually need something. But it turns out that there’s very little I really do need. I would like a new dress with a flared skirt and some kind of capri pants that look nice of such a thing exists. That’s about all I can think of right now.

So yeah. That’s my review of my March wardrobe. This is where I’m quite happy to be with my Project 333. Taking it for granted. Not stressing about it. Not counting too carefully. Not worrying too much if I have a few extra things in my closet. But also not having an excess. Dressing with less can eventually become a normal, non-exciting, non-bloggable part of your life too, if you give it a go, and then try again the next season, and keep working on it for a while. Every 3 months you have a chance to try again. Eventually it will feel normal to have a small selection of your favorite clothes to wear every day.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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1 Response to why I didn’t do a Project 333 review for March

  1. Emily says:

    You know I’ve been in the market for a really super comfortable pair of black ballet flats or even small heels since I started this job (something to wear with my new black cropped dress pants… you can’t wear socks and shoes with skinny pants that come down to your ankles!). I looked in my entire mall (both the small one close by and the larger one an hour away), through an entire outlet mall, and nothing. I just bought an incredibly comfortable pair of boat shoes from LifeStride, so I eventually went shopping online and decided to order some LifeStride shoes from Amazon and see how they work. LifeStride is nice because a lot of their shoes have memory foam arch support in them, but a lot of the shoes are still attractive. I have lots of ballet flats that are almost like walking on the ground they’re so thin (but worse, why is it that putting your foot into a flat shoes is less comfortable than just walking without shoes?). For working on my feet, I want something with support. Apparently comfortable black flats is too much to ask for! Who knew. Good luck with your search..

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