roller derby!


I am not good at sports. Not only do I not play any sport well, but I’m not even very good at watching them. If I watch on TV the camera usually follows the action and I can keep track of some of what’s going on, but then my eyes get distracted and I miss everything. Thank goodness for instant replay.

Trying to keep track of what’s going on in roller derby is even more challenging than remembering to keep my eye on the guy with the ball in baseball or football. I’ve watched Whip It, I’ve read the rules in the front of the program, but it’s all I can do to follow the progress of one girl with a star on her helmet. Following both of them is a bit beyond my skills. If I can pick out the lead jammer in the moment before the official points at her I consider it a victory.


blogeditIMG_0687blogeditIMG_0702Skateland is sensory overload anyway. The light and the colors assault me (and my poor camera). I am transported back to 1986. The Skateland in my hometown looked just like the one here. It might be 28 years later and half a world away but you’d never know it looking around.

blogrollerderbydetailsI used to take roller skating as my Wednesday afternoon sports elective at intermediate school. As I have said, I don’t sports, and having to do extra sports one day a week was just a nightmare. But the roller skating elective meant walking a couple of kilometers up to the rink, changing into mufti (street clothes), and skating round and round to the best music of the day while hanging out with my friends. I was never particularly good at skating but that didn’t much matter. It was all about the loud music and white tshirts and socks glowing under the black light. And the boys ;)


I’m glad some of my friends made it out after work to come see the bout. It was the first time seeing roller derby in person for a couple of them, the second third time for me & hubby. The crowd was an eclectic mix – the families of the skaters who brought their folding chairs, friends and fellow skaters, little kids more intent on playing with their video games or their friends, and some random people off the street like us.

(I had forgotten that I blogged about roller skating and roller derby before, and that it’s actually a really cool post with some of my most favorite pictures – check it out here)

I didn’t take my good camera. I tried not to get caught up in taking photos at the expense of enjoying the action. But it’s a compulsion, trying to get a few good shots of the action, trying to capture the chaos of it. My old iPhone didn’t do too badly. I got a couple of people in focus here and there ;) and with some white balancing and selective cropping I was pretty satisfied with the photos I got. (The little voice in my head is saying “imagine how cool dSLR pictures would have been… maybe next time…)

It was a beautiful night to be out. The moon was a wafer thin crescent that my camera was not able to render accurately (it’s the bright spot in the middle, above one tree and to the left of the other. The top spot is a star, or rather probably the Seven Sisters. The other spots are artifacts, reflections of the street lights I think).


btw in Japan Whip It was titled Rollergirl’s Diary, rendered phonetically. Thanks for showing me that google images.

And thank you for stopping by again!


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