neighborhood cats

While walking Mimi the other day, I met one of the neighborhood cats, a long haired marmalade I have seen from a distance, sleeping in a front window. He dashed up the stairs as Mimi and I approached, but stopped at the top with his paws hanging over the edge, lolling around, watching us. As we passed by (with Mimi in her elderly obliviousness) he came down the stairs and followed us up the street a little. He was headed to see his owner who was working on his motorbike in his garage so we said hello. I admired the cat and commented on how big kitty’s white feet were and he told me that it was a Hemingway cat with 7 toes on his front feet. No wonder they looked so big! I looked up Hemingway cats and found out a bit about the history of Hemingway’s polydactyl cats and that they are also called “mitten cats” – that was what our neighbor cat was called – Mittens! The picture on the website is pretty similar to what he looked like too.

He was such a beautiful cat. I wished I could’ve caught a photo of how cute he was, lolling around at the top of the stairs. I could imagine just how lovely the photos would look.

We have another neighbor cat who is very friendly – I met a gorgeous, slim, silver tabby named Ozzy when he was visiting the park and following everyone he encountered. I was worried that he was an indoor cat who had escaped so I checked his collar and found his address. He followed me down the street and hung out as I knocked on the door and then called the owner. No, he’s just a really friendly outdoor cat, she said.

This morning I thought he was in my back yard but it was a different grey cat, a blur of panic as I walked outside and startled him sleeping on top of the large cabinets we have stored on the back porch. Mimi came out but she had no idea until I told her there was a cat in the yard (yeah, I’m bad – I find her overreaction endlessly amusing). She went out into the yard and found the cat still there, but couldn’t keep track of him once he jumped into the tree. She finally spotted him when he moved over to the fence but she didn’t freak out too much. And he didn’t care at all. I wonder if he’ll show up again.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have cat allergies… they are such cute little psychopaths.

I’ll be back with a Project 333 post very soon. It’s spring and I’m ready to refresh my wardrobe!

Thanks for stopping by.


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