around here, late February

Sigh… I have been neglecting my poor blog a little bit lately.

I guess that’s what happens when you keep up with other things.

So, what’s been going on around here?

I have been…

walking regularly. I have a walking buddy and we can usually get our 70,000 steps a week in even if we have a couple of very idle days. We take a couple of mornings a week and walk a lot. Yesterday we took a couple of detours and wrong turns and clocked almost 20,000 steps!

buying new walking shoes. I ordered online and got 5 pairs to choose from. I’ve almost narrowed down to the final two. I think I will keep a pair of cross trainers and a pair of ultra-light-weight barefoot shoes.

making lots of pages with Ali Edwards’ digital story kit – about life right now, and stories from back in the day, both way, way back stories of my childhood, and back in my uni days. I’m doing most of the work on my laptop and just putting the pieces together on paper at the end.


reading! I’ve read 7 books (although one was very, very short!) so far this year. Check out my 2015 shelf on goodreads.

catching up on doctor’s visits that were long overdue. I still have a couple of appointments to take care of. I’m thinking I might make February my month for taking care of annual self care appointments. I try to think of it as a gift to myself, but mostly I think of it as a hassle!

closing tabs, minimizing chrome, saving links to evernote, so I can be done with the internet here and there and get on with other things.

looking forward to the Seattle International District’s Lunar New Year celebrations on Feb 21st. They have a $2 a plate food walk that sounds delicious.

恭禧發財 (wishing you a happy new year!)

tracking what I eat much more closely, making sure I’m not overdoing the unhealthy things. I haven’t been very good about “eating (real) food, not too much, mostly plants” lately.

noting what I wear each day in my planner, even though I haven’t reviewed what I wore in January yet.

seeing signs of spring everywhere! We’ve had a very mild winter in the west. I heard them say on the news that the cherry trees on the UW quad are blossoming a month early. I had to mow the lawn the other day. That’s not normal here in February.

watching and loving Jane the Virgin (the best!), How to Get Away with Murder, The Mindy Project, Nashville, Gotham, Forever, New Girl, Downton Abbey, and the final, most excellent season of Parks & Recreation. (waiting for Once Upon a Time to come back – soon!)

wishing I could have seen all the awards nominated movies, but enjoying that some of the films I did see and love are being praised (recommending Boyhood, The Imitation Game, Big Hero 6, and The Boxtrolls if you haven’t seen them).

What have you been loving lately?


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1 Response to around here, late February

  1. Dale says:

    Happy New Year. I promise to write within the next couple of days.
    Love Dale

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