a silly KonMari follow up photo – oshire/oshiri

Hey there,

I found this old film photo the other day when I was doing some file backups. It has always made me laugh… in part because of the look on my old friend Kev’s face, and in part because my friend Jenni was caught in such an awkward position, looking for something in her oshire (her huge Japanese closet) but presenting us a view of her oshiri (her butt!)

It’s hard for an English speaker to keep these two words straight and pronounce them correctly. I just had to double check that I had them the right way round.

oshiri oshireAnyway, I thought I would share this for Ms Ant Hill (and anyone else) who was curious about the size of Japanese closets to get some context for KonMari’s organization book. This is about half of one side of the closet, with an equal amount behind the doors to the right, plus an extra space up above. My friend’s level of organization was pretty typical – making do with a collection of plastic drawers and bookcase and piles o’ stuff.

Photo from 2000 or 2001.


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