2014 Project 333 wrap up and December review

Hi there!

I’m in the midst of finishing off a lot of projects, but I finally got around to tallying my Project 333 clothing for December. I’ve updated my spreadsheet and as usual there weren’t any really big surprises… except the usual one – even with a limited wardrobe, I don’t wear most of my clothes very often and some pieces don’t get worn at all.


My usual favorites for wearing around the house, my sweatpants and my kermit green sweater, got a huge amount of use. I didn’t record that kind of wear (getting out of bed, grabbing a sweater, getting dressed properly a few hours later). But I think I need to replace that green sweater with something a little less kermit colored. I figured out that I like it because it’s looser than my other sweaters and it’s warm and lightweight.

I wore my blue bootcut jeans a lot – easy and fairly comfortable. My teal coat and navy adidas jacket tied for popularity. It’s the season of cold and drizzle, so that means a lot of boring outfits – jeans, a long sleeved top, and a coat. I tried to mix it up by wearing layers – plush lined tights with a skirt, a chambray shirt over a Xmas tee over a long sleeved tee (all of that plus a coat, merino socks, snow boots, scarf, gloves, and hat for our Leavenworth trip!).

Speaking of my Christmas tee, I wore my ugly sweater tshirt 10 times, sometimes needing to do laundry so I could wear it again the next day. It was my go-to for almost all of my holiday festivities. I only wear it Dec 1-25 so I figure I may as well wear it as often as I like while I can. Luckily I found a lot of different outfits to build around it, with different long sleeved tshirts underneath it each day and different bottoms.

a new season of P333?

I currently have all of my winter clothes in my closet. Everything in storage is better suited to warmer weather seasons. I can’t do a new season changeover for Jan 1- April 1 because I don’t have any other winter clothes to switch out so I’m just going to see if I can remove some of the things that I haven’t worn lately and put them aside until the weather warms up.

I did allow myself to do a little bit of shopping at the beginning of January though. I found a pair of black ponte leggings that are more structured and decent than cotton leggings. They function in much the same way as my black skinny jeans but they’re more comfortable and potentially a little dressier.

as usual, the pink is completely wrong in this photo - it's raspberry, much more blue toned than this photo would suggest.

as usual, the pink is completely wrong in this photo – it’s raspberry, much more blue toned than this photo would suggest.

I also went to Goodwill and found 3 good pieces. 1. a grey tunic sweater which may not turn out to be the best choice – it’s acrylic, and not quite as flattering as I had hoped, but I’m going to give it a go, 2. a short sleeved dark indigo denim dress that I love and 3. a raspberry pink fancy top. Yes, finally – a fancy top! It’s a little problematic – the batwing raglan sleeves are not the most flattering style on my body, but the color is so perfect, and it’s lightweight and see through and I think it will work for what I want it for – to have a nice casual-but-fancy blouse to wear out. All up, the Goodwill finds were less than $25 so I can afford to make a mistake or two on them. The denim dress probably cost $25 new, so I feel like I got my money’s worth.

(Not to mention that I found 2 beautiful stoneware mugs, handmade pieces, for 59 cents each, so my shopping trip was a huge success!)

I just took a look through my list and there aren’t a lot of things I want to remove from my closet right now. I might want to replace my 3 sweaters with 2 that are better fitted to my needs right now (one neutral, one colorful, in a more relaxed, looser style). I might tuck away 2 of my 3 Kate dresses and a couple of short sleeve tees until the weather warms up. I’ve already packed up my Santa socks and holiday tshirts (I got a leftover Jingle Bell run one despite saying I didn’t want one originally) and I’ll probably tuck away my bright red socks and tights until next December.

I’m not a fan of cold weather so I’m trying to keep my wardrobe fun and functional. I’m not challenging myself to reduce my wardrobe right now, happy to let it drift around 40 pieces (without counting too carefully). I’m still writing down what I wear each day but I might not continue tracking things so closely in 2015. I definitely don’t want to increase the size of my wardrobe but I’m still finding my way to having a cohesive collection of stuff that makes me happy. Come springtime I will challenge myself to make decisions about my large(r) variety of summery things.

My to-do list is long right now, but I’m making progress. I hope to check/tick at least 3 things off today.

See you back here soon!


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