Merry Christmas and a quick update


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

The solstice has passed and we are slowly making our way back to the sun here in the Northern Hemisphere.

I enjoyed a little weak sunshine while walking the dog this Christmas Day. Her gift was that I didn’t speak harshly to her and I let her sniff more than usual. lol.

Later we’ll spend some time with family. We got together last night too so my little nephew could spend some time with his Obaachan (grandmother) and open a few gifts.

I had great intentions to document our Christmas adventures on the blog this December, but I’m afraid I was just too busy and didn’t make it a high enough priority. I plan to streamline my workflow next year to make it easier to share things quickly.

For now I’ll give you a little sneak peek at the December pages I’ve been working on which were/are supposed to also become blog stories. They’re 6×8″ pages, created digitally. I used a lot of Ali Edwards products – all the pretty handwritten words are hers. I also found some Studio Calico DD digital brushes (snowflakes, arrow, little icons) from last year that I had never used.


I’ll share much more later – I still plan on making more pages like this, small layouts highlighting some of the fun things I’ve been doing to celebrate the season. I’ve taken far too many pictures lately! I have more than I can fit into the pages available. I haven’t figured out how to make sure I have my favorites well represented.

I say that as I pack my camera for another evening of photography… I almost left my camera at home last night but I felt like that would be letting down the whole family (and I would be sad if I couldn’t take lovely pictures of my adorable nephew – taking crappy iPhone pictures in the bad light wasn’t going to cut it). I had some major challenges but I got some really nice pictures, including a really rare shot of my nephew with his father and uncle. In the end the hassles are well worth it. Having too many good pictures is a silly thing to complain about!


(Pictures straight out of the dSLR camera. Little J-man is getting so grown up!)

I will be back soon with more details of my December stories and pages. And a lot of words about my vague plans for scrapbooking in 2015. I’ll be thinking on paper, trying to figure out what I want to do.

BTW the other thing I wanted to update you all on was how long my homemade relish lasted. I just finished the 2nd jar after 4 months in the fridge. It showed no signs of spoiling and tasted just as good as when I made it. So if you make your own relish with the recipe I shared don’t feel like you have to gobble it up in a week – unless you want to!

Happy Christmas!


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3 Responses to Merry Christmas and a quick update

  1. Emily says:

    I laughed about your gift to Mimi. I’m not even sure Molly got that.. lol Poor thing, if she would just consent to play with my kids, I’d probably like her better! :P

  2. Amanda Arr says:

    Ooh, I made your post (in the pics at least). :)

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