the last few days of thankful

I kind of left you hanging with the last 30 Days of Thankful post! Here are the last 8 days.


Days 23-26 are on a half size insert – days 23 and 24 are on the back of days 25 and 26. It seemed like it would be easier to have the project finish in one spread like this, but now I’m wondering if I should rearrange my other spreads so that this project is all together, rather than having it alternating with regular PL weeks. We’ll see. That’s one of the benefits of pocket pages – easy to rearrange.

I started running out of colored number stickers at the end of the month. I couldn’t even color white stickers because all of the 2s are gone. (I’m still cursing those last sets of white stickers I bought that didn’t include numbers!)

But the stickers aren’t the important part. The words and photos (and the feelings behind them) are what count. I had no trouble finding something to be thankful for each day. I’m not in the habit of keeping a gratitude journal and I’m not really known for having that kind of attitude, but this project came easily to me.

Day 26 is the only time I didn’t use a photo. Actually I did have a photo of the artwork on the mantle, but it printed too light, and I had a perfectly sized copy of the artwork, so I pasted that over the top of the picture rather than waste photo paper printing it out again.

So there it is. I am quite thankful for food apparently. And pretty paper things. And general good fortune. Wishing you a belated Happy Thanksgiving as this busy month of holidays begins. Now on to December Daily and Journal Your Christmas! and all the busy-ness of the holiday season.

See you back again here soon,


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