Welcome Back Sweatpants! AKA Fall Project 333

In the last couple of days it’s started to really feel like autumn. Earlier in the week it was sunny and really humid but now we’ve dropped another 10 degrees F and the morning fog has rolled in. The clouds are on the ground until noon, everything is damp, there’s a chill in the air, and there are spiderwebs everywhere. Happy fall!

And yes, today is the first day I reached for my sweatpants. I’m doing some work around the house today -laundry, vacuuming, checkbook balancing and the like – and suddenly I remember why I practically live in my sweatpants during the cool months. Obviously they’re comfortable. They are warmer than pj pants and a lot more presentable when someone comes to the door. They have functional pockets. And I can wear them out to walk the dog or post a letter. (Plenty of people around here wear pj pants out and about, but I do not – they go no further than the property line). I don’t think my sweatpants are terribly ugly – I have a fairly new pair that are charcoal grey that I think are fairly presentable. They work for my long Wednesday walks too.

But I do try not to wear sweatpants all day every day…

Here’s a look at my fall (and winter?) selection for Project 333.p333teesfallp333sweatersfallp333dressesfallp333coatsfallThis is 35 items, but I have a few other pieces that should be counted. A couple of black short sleeved tees, a couple of pairs of jeans, my all important pair of sweatpants, a belt, plus a few pieces that I don’t usually count like layering tanks and leggings. I don’t count shoes, or the scarves that I own but rarely wear, or cold weather accessories like gloves and hats. I’m OK with being a little less than precise about this right now. This is all of my winter wear – I really don’t have anything in storage for winter, which is why I’m thinking of having a 6 month season for this round of P333.  There are a few things I will put away once the weather gets really cold, and there are a couple of iffy pieces in this collection – the worn out black cotton cardigan, the orange skirt, and the wrinkly cobalt shirt to start with! And wow, how many cardigans, jackets and coats does a Washington girl need?! The wardrobe is always a little bit of a work in progress.

I was excited to find an inexpensive new winter dress the other day. It’s a fit and flare style with 3/4 sleeves. Yes, it has sleeves! and pockets! I don’t mind that it’s grey/black neutral because I have some colorful cardigans or sweater I can wear it with, and my coat is teal. It’s polyester so it could turn out to be a touch clammy, but probably not too bad for winter. Most of my dresses look really odd with a sweater over the top because of the position of the waist and where the flared skirt begins, but this one looks good with a sweater, so that gives me more options.

I’m craving a bit more color when I look into my closet – it’s a sea of grey, blue, and black. We’ll see how I like that once the really grey weather sets in. Thank goodness for bright colored coats from thrift stores, eh?

I hope you like the new visuals. I used a digital scrapbooking template from Paislee Press to create it. My new spreadsheet is in its usual spot here if you prefer lists – there’s not actual data there yet.

Thanks for stopping by.


(Edit: the original post said I had 31 items, because apparently I can’t math.)

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4 Responses to Welcome Back Sweatpants! AKA Fall Project 333

  1. Juhli says:

    Love the mix of neutrals and colors! The new dress is a great basic – could you share where it is from?

  2. seoulmycity says:

    LOVE your orange wrap skirt!! :D

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