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I am full of inspiration and ideas but rather short on follow through. I am writing this post because I just signed up for Ali Edwards Story Stamp program and I’m thinking a lot about her prompts (“around here” being one of them). I’m writing a lot of notes, but I’m not quite ready to start making scrapbook pages.

Hubby is busy with business, but it’s not as bad as it has been for some store openings. His next store is relatively near by, which helps a lot.

Mimi is enjoying the cooler weather – she can finally snuggle under her quilt again.


Mimi thinks she owns this place! She has started sneaking off early in the evening to sleep on our bed. She has suddenly decided that she would prefer to be alone while we’re still awake, so that she can sleep between us all night. She figures if she’s already in bed we won’t make her leave. It’s usually true.

I just got my hair cut. I like my new hairdresser. He’s a bit expensive, but the salon is really nice and local, and he knows what he’s doing.

I have my winter clothes out of storage, ready to change over for the fall season of P333 on October 1st. I’m stewing over whether to keep a few pieces that I love but don’t wear so much. But I’ve made a nice little pile of things to pass on.

I rediscovered my open weave knit, long, teal cardigan. I forgot how useful it is in the transitional seasons. I had a revelation too – I could have easily worn it to that dinner back in May, that day I felt like I had nothing to wear, that I was looking for something nice but not too fancy, when the weather was a bit on the cool side. It would work really well over a simple black tank for a date night outfit, especially now that I have black skinny jeans to wear with it. I need to remember that!

I’ve been browsing online clothing stores but I’ve decided that I don’t really need all that much. Shoes and boots are probably my highest priority, but I really don’t like shopping for them.

I’ve been enjoying staying in since it’s been rainy lately, but I need to remember to get out and walk regardless of the weather.

I finished watching Emma Approved (a delightful online series based on Jane Austen’s Emma) and I finished reading the book that Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was (very loosely) based on. I’m enjoying having The Mindy Project back on TV and lots of other shows have been coming back too. I’ve even watched a couple of new ones. My very favorite Once Upon a Time will be back this Sunday night. I’m excited for that!

I finished up most of my garden projects before the rain came, laying cardboard and mulch over half of the neighbor’s yard (the parts that I had already dug out, mostly) last weekend. The neighbors followed through and finished off the rest of the yard themselves.

I still need to plant the bulbs. And buy mulch for the rest of the garden.

PoppaBirthdayI’m thinking of my Poppa on his 90th birthday today. All the family is getting together with him to celebrate. I’m sad that I couldn’t be there. I have barely even met my cousins, and I don’t think I have met any of their kids. Some of them are probably old enough to have their own kids by now.

And I’m looking forward to celebrating my own birthday this weekend! I’m going out to lunch with hubby and his mom tomorrow, then going to dinner and to see The Boxtrolls with some friends in the evening. On Sunday I get to open my presents, and then I’m going on an all day outing with a friend and her kiddo to Dungeness Spit. I’ve made a list of 40 things about me for my 40th birthday which I might share here and/or turn into a scrapbook page.

Plenty going on around here…

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Emily says:

    All right I was going to surprise you with a card but I just can’t contain my own disgust at my ignorance. You made an aside comment to me in September that Once came out on your birthday, which I didn’t know, and I wasn’t quite sure I read it right so I didn’t feel confident I really knew when your birthday was. Then I get on here and discover you’ve been talking about it for ages, and it Was that day AND It was a big deal birthday and I MISSED IT because I’m a dunce, and we’re even pen pals and I didn’t send you a card… Basically I’m feeling like s loser of a friend. So I’M SORRY. It’s on my calendar for next year now. And HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!

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