Project 333 – fall finds

As we get closer to the end of September I’ve started planning what I’m going to wear during the fall and winter seasons. I’ve been working from memory to build a list of things I’m looking forward to wearing. It will be interesting to see what I’ve forgotten about when I unpack my tote.

I also did some shopping to fill in some gaps.

Oh yeah, and I learned to use my camera on a tripod with a remote control shutter. Learning how to model will be my next big challenge! LOL. What are you supposed to do with your hands?! I made good use of my camera’s articulated screen. I tried very hard ti look semi-normal, but remembering to stand up straight and smile was hard.

Goodwill thrifting:blogGoodwillfinds

I found the most amazing boiled wool jacket in bright teal! It’s something I had seen in a catalog months ago and considered, but it was $100. The one I found at Goodwill is sized for a tall person so it’s more of a coat length and it was only $20. SCORE! I’m going to pass on my raspberry trench which is too small and too structured. This coat is going to be so much fun! and it’s warm and has room for layers.

I also got a black acrylic cardigan which seems quite cozy, and an Adidas jacket with a jersey knit lining that will work for damp but not freezing days. Funny that the stripes are on the undersides of the arms. I also got my first pair of skinny jeans in 2 or 3 decades! They fit like a glove, surprisingly. I only tried this one pair and by some miracle they were just right. They’re really tight, which will take some getting used to, and I’m not sure if I love the look or not. But they’ll be useful.

Two jackets, a pair of Levis and a cardigan for $60. I was stoked.

Old Navy discounting:blogONfinds

My friend gave me a coupon so I went online and ordered some basic tees (one grey, two black – one v neck, the other crew) that should work really well for layering all winter. I wore my striped versions a lot last year and will use them again this year too.

I also experimented, ordering some shirts I had seen in store but not had time to try on. The big plaid shirt is a lightweight flannel in a petite size and it’s a really cute shirt. Except it’s not really “me,” is it? The plaid is too big, for one thing.

The cobalt blue blouse might be my “fancy blouse” at long last – it’s rayon and it’s too loose, but that was intentional – rayon is usually not preshrunk properly at discount shops. But now that I have it in hand I’m worried – if I wash it and it doesn’t shrink (or shrink enough) I can’t return it. I should probably have gotten one size smaller and washed that – I could return it if it shrunk too much because it would be faulty, but shrinking too little isn’t faulty. I’m still deciding whether to take a risk on the one I have in hand (do I trust that Old Navy is as crappy as Target?! I think so…) and if it doesn’t shrink enough I will do my best to make it work. (See the belted and the cardigan pictures for my ideas, although I need to revive that cardigan somehow.)

That last picture isn’t an Old Navy piece – it’s my Nordstrom chambray shirt. I finally have a pair of black pants to wear with it and it seems to work. Sure, I will look like every other girl around, especially if I finally get boots, and that’s not really my preference (most of the time). But the shirt is warm and soft and I think it works much better than the plaid shirt, or the blue shirt I bought at Goodwill last year. My raspberry puffy vest and my new teal coat will help jazz things up. And I might still find cherry red jeans.

I was thinking about why I don’t like cold season clothes and I’ve concluded that it’s several things coming together:

  • I don’t like being cold
  • All of the clothes I really love are very summery – sleeveless dresses mostly
  • I don’t have many cute, colorful, or quirky cold season clothes
  • Only the top couple of layers show so they carry the load when it comes to style and originality. But they’re also expensive so I don’t have many and they’re less likely to be fun. Or maybe I’m just too practical with the sweater layers.

So I need to shop quirky colorful sweaters and pants, probably at the thrift shop.

And I need to turn the heat up a bit!

Taking pictures was a fun project and I’ve learned some things. One of my skirts is going to be donated immediately now that I see what it looks like from every angle. Maybe someone who actually is 5 months pregnant will enjoy it. If it wasn’t such a hassle I might photograph all of my outfits.

Hope you like the photos. Feel free to weigh in on the looks. I trust that you’ll be kind.


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4 Responses to Project 333 – fall finds

  1. bexbarkerex says:

    I love that outfit with the chambray shirt–it fits you very well and shows your shape nicely. I don’t love the big plaid. As for jazzing things up with cold weather clothes–I just bought a pair of hot pink pants (skinny, ankle length) that look amazing, feel super comfortable, and match many tops. It’s a fun way to add some jazz to my generally boring winter wardrobe! (P.S. I found you on the 333 Facebook group)

    • Thanks for stopping by!
      I had another look at the pictures and I can see what you mean – the chambray fits much better. The plaid is folded and going back to the store.
      Hot pink pants sound great! where did you get yours? I need to go and try on colored pants at some discount stores and see if I can find something fun. A lot of people seem to love Old Navy jeans. Or maybe I will strike it lucky at the thrift shop.

      • Emily says:

        PS old navy jeans are okay but they hit me kind of funny at the waist. Okay for cheap jeans but not great. Gap jeans, esp their perfect boot and curvy cuts, are spectacular for me. Paul and I shop almost exclusively for our jeans at gap now thanks to getting hooked on them when my sister worked there. Just tried their normal skinny jeans last month and they’re crap, but I do have a pair of old navy rock star skinny jeans and a pair of gap special skinny jeans (called roll ups or something, I got them to wear as capris but now I just wear them normally). Anyway I’ve been typing this and talking to Paul for so long now that I don’t remember my point! LOL. I better move on..

  2. Emily says:

    I love your pictures. I especially got a big chuckle after reading about your indecision with your hands, because that picture with the Adidas jacket in particular is hilarious! Love it. And I’ve been doing some gap filling myself since I haven’t gotten new fall/winter clothes in 2 years thanks to Lucas’s pregnancy so I love reading about your clothes. For what it’s worth, I love your skinny pants!

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