Project 333 – August is over, September has begun

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We’ve entered into that strange in-between month of September where (in the Northern Hemisphere, or at least in the Pacific Northwest) summer is not quite over, but fall has not yet begun. The days are a little cooler and cloudier, but there isn’t usually that special chill in the air. I like September because near the end of the month I will celebrate the 40th anniversary of my birth! I was born in the southern season of daffodils and spring lambs. Here in the US September means hanging onto summer if you love summer and getting psyched for fall if you don’t. It also means Back to School, which means shopping, of course – for school supplies and a cool new look.

I don’t go to school, but I am tempted to begin some kind of back to learning project to celebrate the season and provide some excuse to go shopping for supplies. I contemplated Shimelle’s Learning Something New Every Day project or the 30 Day of Lists project, but I think I need to focus on some of my ongoing (on and on-going) projects rather than jumping into something new right now. So we will see where that takes me.

Note to self: I wonder if every month of the year should have a theme or project…?

For now, let’s review my P333 closet. The tracking continues as before, the spreadsheet is slowly evolving. 

This month’s most worn – summer’s usual suspects –  my blue cotton print dress, navy cardigan, denim skirt, basic layering tank tops, and my striped tank dress that’s shapeless and awful but perfect for wearing at home when the house is 80+ degrees. My new accessory, a wide black braided belt, got worn 4 times since I bought it late in the month, so I’m going to say it’s also a winner. It might even get its own blog post!


My not-worn items, 6 of them, are mostly pieces where I have another similar option available. Some months are all about the grey sweatshirt, other months it’s the pink one. Ditto with the Kate dresses – this month the indigo/green one got passed over. It’s a fact of life when you have duplicates you love. In unsurprising news, the long sleeve tee just wasn’t necessary in the hot summer we’ve had, but I bet it will be a staple again by the end of September. I’m going to buy one or two new versions of it this fall – it’s been so useful and comfortable. 

I had 3 dresses that I think of being “on the bubble.” I’ve worn 2 of them, once each. I think I will donate the chevron one this month. I’m mostly over chevrons, and the dress isn’t the best quality. The black cotton dress is going to get a reprieve until I stumble upon a replacement. It looked cute with my new belt and a cardigan. The blue cotton dress that didn’t get worn needs to get a try-on with the belt, but it’s a cute basic, so I think I will keep it anyway. Next year it will still be (un)fashionable and I might be more into it. If not, I will pass it along. The maxi dress which is also on the bubble can stay for now – it’s actually more of a transitional season dress anyway – it’s too clammy for mid-summer and I like it with a short sleeve cardigan. 

Right now, in this in-between season I need to be careful to remember that it’s not actually fall yet and that I don’t particularly like fall. I’m a summer girl. I love my summer clothes. In this climate we only get 12-16 weeks to wear summer clothes each year, so I might only wear my favorite sundress 5 times in a summer – or, as is the case so far this year, TWICE! How sad, for something I consider a favorite. Last year I started wearing my fall things (denim skirt and sleeved tees) in September and then realized that I had missed my last chances to wear pretty summer clothes. So this year I’m going to be more intentional about wearing my summer favorites a little longer.

The things I want to keep wearing now – my linen shorts (which I put on today with a light sweatshirt – LOVE that they have pockets!), my floral cotton sundress (which looks all wrong unless the weather is truly summery), all of my sleeveless tops, and my cotton dresses (even though I can wear them with layers, they’re really just perfect for hot weather).


Try as I might to avoid it, I have been thinking about autumnal wardrobe choices. I have been trying my chambray shirt on with everything in my closet as I think of combinations. It looks fine with my black cotton leggings so I might not need to buy black skinny jeans or pants after all (maybe?). I’m going to try to fill in a few more wardrobe gaps around it before I commit to keeping it though. It’s way too hot to consider wearing it yet so the tags are still attached (not that Nordies cares abut such things anyway). I have a little wishlist of things to buy to change up my horribly boring winter wardrobe. I want to find someone selling cherry red jeans in a style I can fit into. I might have to give up my kermit sweater and find a more neutral sweater so I don’t look like a bad Christmas decoration.

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  1. Joanna says:

    Love the spreadsheet!

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