Project 333 July – shopping and new things

I haven’t been doing much clothes shopping this year, despite having several things that I “need” to buy to fill some wardrobe gaps. Although I have this list of “needs,” I find that on a day-to-day basis I can manage just fine with what I have, so I have very little drive to go shopping most of the time. It’s a good feeling.

Last month I took some advice from a style blogger and ordered a bunch of things online in different sizes to try on. Unfortunately I need to face the reality that I can’t wear that particular brand. Everything had to go back. I had a scare when the return package got held up in the post, taking 22! days to reach its destination. That’s not a good feeling when the goods inside cost close to $500… But I got my refund in the end. I’ve already asked that company to stop sending me catalogs. If they keep coming they’re going straight into the trash. I’m not buying the fantasy life they’re selling any more. Their clothes are just not cut for my figure.

(I’m not sure that I know very many brands well enough to risk doing much more online shopping. I should have taken more notice of that bloggers advice about buying from brands you know work for you, but when it comes to online shopping I can be quite the optimist!)

Luckily, after I mentioned to my friend that I had ordered a bunch of exercise skorts and had to send them all back she mentioned that she had recently found some at Costco for $5. She gave me 2 of the 4 she bought :) and they fit a lot better than the really expensive ones I ordered online! And they didn’t cost me anything (although I happened to find two items in my donate pile that suited my friend, so I gave them to her). I haven’t decided if I really need two skorts. I can wash them out in the sink after wearing and they dry really quickly, but having two would be justifiable. They work well for walking for exercise, but they are cute enough to wear for casual as well.

JulyNewThingsI did do a little more online shopping last month. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is worth making an exception for. Nordstrom is a local company with an excellent return policy, free shipping and free returns, but I can also easily visit to return things in person. It’s not somewhere I want to go during the thick of this massive sale though. (I used to work that sale – I don’t need that kind of chaos in my life any more!) I had early access to the sale because I have a store card. And most importantly, the sale has excellent discounted prices on my favorite bras, so I was able to replace mine and order a couple for a friend too. We saved some good money!

I also bought a few clothing items to try. First, a pair of linen shorts that weren’t actually on sale. They were actually fairly expensive. I had heard about them a few weeks ago when I was reading this great blog post written by someone who is built like me. She recommended the shorts specifically, so I thought it was worth trying them on. They fit well and they are probably nicer than any pair of shorts I’ve ever owned (even though they don’t look like it in the picture I took!). I don’t usually wear shorts in public, but I wore these linen ones into the city the other day and felt quite comfortable in them. So that really makes them worthwhile. They’re short but not booty short-short and they have 4 pockets! Who could ask for anything more?

I also bought two polyester “fancy” blouses and a chambray shirt that were part of the Anniversary Sale. The fancy blouses are going straight back. The sleeve/underarm/boob area wasn’t flattering (I think it might have been a slight dolman sleeve) and they just didn’t do anything for me. I need a set-in sleeve and more draping or a lower neckline.

I’m still undecided on the chambray shirt. It’s hard to judge it at this time of year when I can’t wear it, but it does seem to have some points in its favor. I think I’m going to need to try it on with my cool season clothes to see if it really works. And I’m going to need to buy some new things this winter. Honestly, right now I have very little to wear with this shirt. But the things I would need to go with it would fill some major cool season gaps and make my whole winter wardrobe work better. Luckily there’s no time limit for returning things at Nordstrom so I can take my time deciding. When the fall fashions come out everywhere I might find something else that works better.

The last thing I bought in July is a grey jersey knit dress from the thrift store. It’s going to be a house dress and nightgown. It’s not a very flattering shape on me (another odd sleeve shape) but it’s a really good quality heavy weight knit. I don’t think I would wear it outside of the house, not even for dog walking. But we’ll see. In winter it may work with other pieces layered over it.

I’m going to update my “to buy” list as summer comes to an end. At some point soon I am going to need to go to a store and try on some winter jeans and boots/shoes. ugh… Shopping sounds more and more like a chore to me. I have very little patience for it. And ideally I would prefer to get second hand jeans after reading about how much pollution results from creating a pair, but that’s a real chore.

Anyway, I’m in no hurry for summer to end!

Right now, I have some sun-dried laundry to fold and put away and some dress shirts to iron. I’ve decided that ironing is more fun if I’m re-watching episodes of my favorite show, so I’m almost looking forward to that. I’ve spent the day puttering around, cleaning up this and that, taking care of business. It’s a good way to spend a sunny Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by!


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