Currently: ideally vs actually

What I should be doing right now:

* planting the plants I’ve been given lately… and especially that one plant I bought over a month ago and still haven’t put in the ground.

* laying out my soaker hoses… I should have done that 2 months ago…

* weeding!! always weeding!!

* writing some blog posts about Project Life and Project 333.

* figuring out my summer Project 333! I put away my winter things and got out my summer things, but I haven’t gone through my summer dresses and chosen which ones I love the most and I haven’t made any decisions about the rest of the excess in my closet. I’m feeling some resistance. I’ll tell you more about it soon.

* writing my stories and memories from my college years… I did one page today, so that’s a better than nothing I guess.

* tidying up, cleaning, cooking meals, taking care of business around the house…

* sitting down with my husband and figuring out for real if there are ways I can help him out with his business.


What I’m actually doing lately:

* walking…! the dog is getting her outings and I’m walking around the neighborhood with my friend a couple of times a week. I’m averaging 9900 steps a day and 18 floors of stairs/hills. I’ve had a few of days over 15,000 steps lately, and yesterday I climbed the equivalent of 65 floors!

* helping someone else deal with some clutter… this is the big thing lately. I might write in more detail about this experience, but for now I will say I have been the middleman in rehoming 6 FULL garbage bags of yarn, one large bag of sewing and knitting tools, and a very heavy pile of Fiesta Ware plates. I helped shift a snow village collection from one room to another. And I’m trying to broker a deal to get rid of a MASSIVE collection of Avon decorative bottles. Please cross your fingers for us that this deal works out!

* getting together with friends… besides my regular walking date, I have had several lovely days visiting with friends. It’s been hectic, but also fun.

For me, any day where I have 2 things on the calendar is a “hectic” day. I know most people wouldn’t call my life hectic at all. But I’m not used to having to squeeze activities and people into my schedule. 

* reading… most recently John Green’s Looking for Alaska, and a funny memoir called Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (although I had to take a break half way through). Right now I’m cringing reading Nicholas Sparks’ awful The Notebook (one of those rare books that might not be better than the movie adaptation? the writing is appalling…) I don’t read a lot each day, but I’ve finished 15 books so far this year. Not great, but not bad. They’ve been pretty good books for the most part.

* feeling amazed that we are exactly half way through 2014 today!


Are you doing what you should be doing?

Or are you doing what you want to be doing?

Or are you all over the place like I am?


Back soon,


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1 Response to Currently: ideally vs actually

  1. wherethewildthingsbe says:

    Lol. I am all over the place but I have come to see it as herding my life in a certain direction. Projects seem to take me longer than I plan and I build in buffer zones too. I have multiple parallel projects/earning a living undertakings and am far less attached to completion or follow through on them than I perhaps should be. Like you I make lists and, like you, I possibly have a different definition of “hectic” than most people. Your post reminded me that I am overdue for a check-in/how am I doing. Thank you!

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