This was going to be a quick list/update of what’s been going on around here during the last couple of weeks. It got a little out of hand.

I spent 2-3 hours pulling weeds out of the yard. One spot in the back yard looks quite nice now. At this rate I’ll never get things under control, but I’m trying not to give in to that overwhelmed feeling. I was having fantasies about getting rid of all of the remaining lawn in the back and creating a patio with raised planters… but that’s not going to happen any time soon. Mowing the lawn is actually the least of my troubles – 10 minutes with the push mower (human powered wonder that it is) and my postage stamp lawn looks trim and green and beautiful. I sometimes dream of starting over again in the front yard too, but again, a project of that scope is out of the question right now. I just need to get outside and work on the garden, a little bit each day.


I spent some time with a friend and walked down to the new “uptown” Sunday flea market, which was bigger than expected and was drawing a decent crowd. I spotted a painted side table that might work for hubby’s bedside, but I didn’t love it. I thought I’d found a perfect compact aqua/teal typewriter for Project Life, but the space bar was broken, so that was a deal breaker. (Not that I really need a typewriter at all! Where the heck would I put it?) My friend got a lovely hand-embroidered tablecloth with cutwork for $8 and she gave me the linen napkins that went with it. They’re soft and beautifully vintage and have cross stitched pagodas on them.

I made a small artwork out of some slides. I stapled them together to make a small sheet of slides and stuck them up on a frosted window. The colors are very pretty.

I gave away some extra Hobbit postage stamps I had and some extra sugru too. I also left some crafty things from Studio Calico on the free table at work. I didn’t need them. I wasn’t going to use them. Giving things away is good.

I met with a couple of friends to help them start to figure out their finances. I was glad to be able to help them. I’m really enthusiastic about saving and investing, and I like to share the wisdom of people like Mr Money Mustache with anyone who is interested.

I wrote a letter to a friend. On pretty paper. With a Harry Potter stamp.

I tried bacon and egg oatmeal (I forgot the cheese but put in some avocado).

I finally painted my 2013 Project Life Handbook albums! I had some white distress paint which I applied in a light coat, giving the albums a simple whitewashed look. It’s not anything special, but it looks nicer than bare chipboard. I was going to paper the insides of the covers with tickets and other leftover ephemera, but it turned I didn’t have that much after all, so I made a few 6×8″ pages out of them instead.


I have a couple of projects I keep meaning to work on:

  • doing something with some CDs and liner notes, maybe creating a book out of them?
  • using the printstagram prints I ordered around Christmas 2012 for something – some will get pocket-page-scrapbooked, perhaps, and some can be used on greeting cards.
  • building the foundations of a scrapbook (?) of my school/uni years by trying to write down what I remember, inspired by the paperclipping roundtable discussion here.
  • and I haven’t actually done any old photo color correction since I got back from my trip, so I should get on that.

I guess maybe I should blog a little more often, so that I can stick to one topic :)

Actually, I reread what I had here and realized that I had way too much for one “lately” post – I had really written three posts in one. So expect something about clothing/Project 333 and donating stuff, and another one about the fixing things with sugru really soon.



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2 Responses to Lately…

  1. Xandra says:

    Your scrapbook looks so neat and lovely! You have pieced the tickets together to Tetris-esque perfection :)

    • hehehe thanks! It worked out really well. I was surprised. I was able to get everything to line up nicely with just a few random bits to fill in the gaps. And I didn’t have to leave out anything I really wanted to include. Pure luck, I think! But it made me happy.

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