spring is coming

The rain has returned and spring is on its way…


peeking through a neighbor’s fence; crocuses down the garden path

I have been reading Project 333 posts around the internet and thinking about the new season coming up (and how ready I am to be done with winter and winter clothes!) and what I “need” to buy now that spring skirts and tops are in the stores. I haven’t put away my off-season storage tote since returning from my NZ trip, so I decided to dig through it and see what I have to work with.

I have a LOT more summery clothing than wintery clothing!

In particular, I have a lot of summery dresses and cardigans.

It doesn’t really surprise me because I’m not a big fan of cold weather.

But I’m having doubts about being able to be able to trim my wardrobe down to 33 items for summer. Or being able to create a cohesive capsule wardrobe.

I’m reminding myself that I don’t have to follow the rules if they’re not helpful. But I’m also remembering that I don’t have to use everything I own just because I like it. Some things can stay put away until summer comes. I can even change my wardrobe over more often than every 3 months if I want to. I should try on what I have and see what feels good right now, and then build a few outfit capsules and see where I land.

It’s actually easier to think about what I want to have in my closet for spring without looking at what I already have. (That’s a basic minimalist principle right there – start with a blank slate and add in what you need and want. If you don’t remember what you have, how much do you really love it?) I’m going to start with my denim skirt which I still love and need. I’m going to find another neutral-colored knee length skirt to wear with print tops. I hope I can find a nice navy cotton flared skirt. I’ll look for a couple of pretty new colorful tops to jazz things up. I’d like something as comfortable as a tshirt, but with some subtle design or decoration (monochromatic, I hope). I have plenty of great cardigans. I’ll try to figure out what my military vest goes with, if anything (neutrals like a white tee and denim skirt, but hopefully also some more interesting styles). I’ll see what tops go with some print cotton skirts I already have. I’ll choose a few dresses to add into the mix. I can keep some of my coats handy for our frequent April showers, but some can get put away, especially since I have barely worn most of them.

Hey, that all sounds pretty simple!

I’ll need to think about my at-home looks for spring too. I haven’t worn the same loungewear every day like I have some winters past, but I’m sick of wearing sweatpants! They’re so comfy, but so ugly. I need to make a little bit more effort to dress for the day, even if I’m not going out anywhere.

And I have some things set aside to donate already. Some of my tshirts are looking very tired. And I’ve finally made the decision to donate my black business suit that I was keeping for Justin Case (and because of sunk cost). It’s beautiful and it was very expensive – 4 pieces in classic black. I bought it for another life, and to be honest, I don’t ever want to go back to that life. I have barely worn it in the last 10 years, and it only just fits at this point. Even if it did fit comfortably, if I needed to dress up formally for an interview or a funeral, these days I would want to wear something more “me.” I never felt like myself in a suit. I have so many pretty dresses that I could wear for an interview that would be more comfortable and would also represent who I was going to be in a job.

Anyway, my suit could have a much better life than hanging out in a suitcase in my basement getting old, so I’m going to donate it to Dress for Success, which helps women coming from homelessness and abuse build a working wardrobe. They can have all our extra hotel toiletries, and a coat that doesn’t fit my lifestyle too. I feel good about that decision.

In the time it took me to write and edit this post I have added some skirts, plain white and grey tees, and a purple cardigan and purple maxi dress to my closet, thinking I could transition gradually into spring, even though I should probably wait another month to make big changes. But editing this post reminded me of that basic blank slate principle. If I add things to my closet and take other things away I will not get down to 33 items, and my wardrobe will not be coherent. So in the next 2-3 weeks I’m going to suck it up and empty my closet completely, and then build a spring wardrobe from what I have. It’s more effort, but it’s worth it. Thanks, faithful readers, for helping me get to that realization!

Are you ready for spring? (or fall/autumn, if you’re in the south)

Do you have a clear out when the seasons change?

Thanks for stopping by!


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3 Responses to spring is coming

  1. runikus says:

    Having an idea of what works for you is the best starting place. You are being honest and practical about your approach. I would love to see some capsule photos in the next few weeks! (no pressure, haha)

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