nz bakery case love

They love their baked goods here!


Most of these are coffee shop bakery cases.

Plenty to choose from for a little morning tea, or a quick lunch on the go.


There are delicious egg, cheese and pastry concoctions, and huge sweet slices.


Breakfast on the road – below left: from a rest stop, eggs “Benny” and right: from a coffee shop, smoked salmon and cream cheese roulade, with spicy relish.


I am eating far too much! This is what morning tea has looked like some days. Below left: ham and mushroom savory/pie, with a baby chocolate caramel slice. Right: eating tropical cheesecake before my egg salad sandwich, because priorities.


I really don’t need dessert with my meals! But it looks so tasty!!

I haven’t had as much delicious seafood as I would like, but I have been promised fish and chips this weekend. I have almost had my quota of desserts. I could use one more cone of good hokey pokey icecream. I’ve been snacking on sour cream & onion flavored kumara (NZ sweet potato) chips and my childhood favorite Burger Rings. I also rediscovered Kingston biscuits – small soft oaty cookies sandwiched with chocolate “cream.” I don’t think I’ll eat any classic kiwi onion dip on this trip. Not unless we have a party…

Here I am, barely finished breakfast, and I’m making myself hungry again!

It’s almost lunchtime somewhere~


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