ready to go!

or at least I hope I’m ready to go…

_MG_0293 I got everything laundered and packed yesterday.

In the process I realized that my aqua/white striped tank was not a good choice for this trip. It’s a bit short, a bit thin, and honestly, kind of ratty. I’m not going to donate it right now, but it’s not up to scratch for this trip wardrobe. I checked the weather and the temperatures look like they’re in the 70s rather than the 80s, so I switched the tank for another tshirt. I think that will be more versatile and it goes great with my pink cardi because it’s hot pink, with a kitschy vintage Alaska graphic. I got a loose raspberry striped tee last week too. Something useful for spring and summer, as well as for this trip.

So what did I end up packing?


In the purple bag, my flip flops. In the folder on the left is my black dress. In the cube in the back are my grey knee length shorts and my denim skirt (plus socks and undies). In the front cube I have my green polka dot top, aqua tank, pink striped tshirt, pink Alaska tshirt, a thin little black cardigan thing, and my aqua rash guard swim top.

And that’s about it!

I have a knit skirt, tank, long sleeve tshirt and pink cardigan, and converse to wear on the flight tomorrow (tomorrow!) and my two bags.


Dress folder in the back, then my flat bed scanner, with the cubes and flip flops in the front.

Everything fits in my bag with a little space in the top to possibly tuck a little cube of cords and chargers and my sunglasses. Unless they work better in my purse with my toiletries.

I should probably be working on packing that purse! I hope it all fits.

I have the sheets changed, the floor quickly vacuumed, the freezer stocked, and a list of food on the fridge door for hubby. I like to leave a clean organized house when I travel, and hubby is so busy right now, I want to make things easier for him.

Everything is charged or charging. I just need to make quick check of my cords and chargers, and see how everything is going to fit in my purse. (Remember life before everything had a cord and charger?)

I have a bad habit of filling luggage space at the last minute. I guess we all do… That’s when those just in case items sneak in. But sometimes it’s also when you realize you didn’t take into account x, y, or z when you were deciding which bag to bring! I’m heading out first thing in the morning, hella-early, so I need to get this squared away. I’m not a 4am panic packer. I don’t need that stress in my life.

OK. Gotta go finish this up.

Thanks for reading my obsessive packing planning!

I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. We’ll see what I miss, what I should have brought. I think I’m closer to having just the right amount of stuff this time, but you never know.

And I always forget something. So let’s cross our fingers that it’s something a little bit dumb like my mochi snack rather than something really dumb like my camera charging cord or my phone! Wish me luck.

See you on the other side of the date line, sometime in the near future…


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3 Responses to ready to go!

  1. Elisabeth Demmon says:

    Have a wonderful trip and say hi to Henry for me! Elisabeth :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoying reading about your minimalist closet experiences. I’m taking a trip this next week so am starting to think about what to pack out of my new Project 333 closet.

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