I am…

– doing laundry before my closet is completely bare

– working on Project Life (week 6) between loads

SnowFlagEdit– feeling stressed out by the health insurance system in the US and wishing we lived in Vermont

– calling the health plan finder customer support number every few hours and being told to call back another time – which is better than waiting on hold and getting hung up on I suppose…

– trying to remember that every system has problems, especially in the beginning

– breathing deeply

– enjoying how the rain has stopped and the sun is glinting off the residual snow in the yard, and how nice my pictures of yesterday’s snow look once I get the white balance right (or at least better)


– portioning a cut-up whole chicken (I butcher the butchering of meat, so I let someone else do the cutting up)

– making crockpot cilantro lime chicken with the breasts, a cacciatore-type of dish with the legs and wings, and stock for tom kha gai with the bones (maybe not today)

– watching Parks and Recreation again from the beginning – it’s free on Amazon Prime!

– deciding whether to use a packing folder or packing cubes or both (test-packing and trying to decide which will fit better in my bag)

– making a list of what my husband has to eat while I’m away

– wondering if I should move some of the things I discuss on facebook onto this blog

– hoping I can keep up with my blogging plans

– reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Eleanor & Park

By the way, yesterday I saw The Monuments Men and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best version of that story that could have been made (or so the critics are saying) but it was an enjoyable film about an interesting story with an amazing cast.

I hope you are having a lovely day.

Thanks for coming by.


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