my baggage: a confession

I have quite a lot of bags….

IMG_5001I took this picture last year. I actually have a few more bags now.

Needless to say, I didn’t include bags in my Project 333 count.

I don’t buy expensive bags. There are no brand names here. Some bags were gifts, some were thrifted, some of them are old, some very old, some of them were handmade (two by me, one by a friend), one was expensive when I bought it in Japan in 2001 but is now on its last legs. I like little pouches. I got 2 wristlet purses on etsy last year and neither one works very well. I have 4 very lightweight bags that fold up into themselves. I have a couple of those African baskets, or maybe a few. And those folded scarves in the bottom left basket are all furoshiki – each one can be knotted to make a bag or wrapped around a gift. I know I don’t have as many bags as some people do, but I have a lot more bags than I need. I don’t use most of these bags regularly.

IMG_5002I buy bags because they promise to solve my problems. They promise to hold my things in a comfortable, efficient, stylish way. They promise that they’ll hold just the right amount of stuff, not too little but not too much either. Some of them promise to be lightweight, but they don’t hold their shape well. Some are structured and attractive, but they aren’t very flexible and they’re usually heavy and hurt my shoulder. Some are tricky to get things in and out of. Some are too big, and some are too small. Some are just not so attractive.

I’m always looking for the perfect bag.

One bag to rule them all…

I love to change bags and carry just the right bag every day. But since I bought my new lightweight black and white purse I’ve been carrying it every day. It’s a great size and has just the right balance of structure and lightness. I think I’m ready to give up some of the purses that never really kept their promises.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have another foldaway lightweight backpack on my amazon wishlist right now! Do I need it for my trip? Should I order it just in case?! If I loved any one of the colors enough I would have ordered it already.

How about you guys? What are your weaknesses? Do you have a thing for purses?

Why do so many women have so many purses and shoes?

Bye for now,



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