cheating on project 333

I have my off-season clothing tote in the bedroom at the moment. It “needs” to stay there because I borrowed some summer clothing for my upcoming trip and I’m going to put it back as soon as I’m done with it. (And also because my husband has filled the basement with supplies for his new business and I’m not sure I can squeeze through with the tote!) But having everything accessible means I can cheat.

I knew I was going to cheat on my 33-ish winter items because of my trip.

IMG_6770But then the Seahawks went to the Superbowl and the pressure was on to dress the part to show my support. (Was there really any pressure? No, not really. As long as you don’t wear the other team’s colors, you’re Ok wearing whatever you want.) I resisted the impulse to buy a tshirt to “commemorate” the event. I don’t care that much for football. Or printed tshirts. But I wanted to be part of the community of excitement – we’ve only made it to the Superbowl once before, and this time it looked like we had a shot. (As it turned out, better than a shot. “Domination” was what they called it in the papers.)

When I went out to watch the playoff games I wore my kermit green sweater and blue jeans. For the big game I dug into the off-season tote and pulled out my lime and indigo Kate dress and a navy cardigan (pictured). I didn’t need to do that. But I promised myself that I would put them right back afterwards, and I felt good expressing my fandom in my own style, in a dress. I was Ok with that.

But this morning I was getting dressed and I had the urge to dig into the bin again…

It wouldn’t hurt to pull out my striped grey skirt, would it? I just don’t have enough “bottoms” to go with my tops…

And then I thought for a moment about what I would wear if the tote was down in the basement and I realized that I would wear the jeans that were hanging right in front of me. I would be just as comfortable in jeans. In fact, given how icy cold the wind was today, I wouldn’t have been at all happy in my skirt. I probably would have gotten changed half way through the day. It’s one of those skirts I love the idea of, but the reality of it isn’t that good. That skirt is on the bubble right now. I’m not sure there’s any use for it in my wardrobe, as much as I wish there was.

I realized that I would like to have another skirt or pair of pants for winter. Maybe a pair of corduroys (even knowing how they would look covered in pug hair) would round out my wardrobe. But it really didn’t matter today. I wore my jeans and they were fine.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to the big Superbowl parade in the city and it’s going to be bitterly cold, and I’m going to layer plush-lined tights under my jeans or denim skirt and I’m going to wear that kermit-colored sweater again, and by the time I add my coat it really isn’t going to matter what I’m wearing anyway (as long as it’s not orange!) I’m going to observe the fun, for watching people and community togetherness and crazy manic celebration and for the historic nature of it, even if it’s only sports-historic.

The weather guy just came on TV and he’s saying that with the wind chill it’s going to feel like 14-20 degrees F tomorrow at 11am. Oh boy! That’s REALLY cold for around here.

Anyway, I know that I cheat. I’m a cheater. I don’t do moderation well. I already know that about myself. If I let myself eat a little cheese, I will eat a lot. If I eat cookies occasionally, I eat a cookie every day. If I have my non-P333 items handy, I will dip into them. As soon as those Seahawks-ish items are washed I will be putting my tote out of sight, somehow, somewhere.

But you know, even though you cheated, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. I am back to my 33-ish items now, and I’m going to continue to challenge myself to make my limited wardrobe work. It’s worth it. I KNOW I have more than enough.

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2 Responses to cheating on project 333

  1. Debbie says:

    I don’t think you were cheating, I think it’s called celebrating. Congrats to you and your team, they truly dominated the orange team.

    • Thanks Debbie! I went back to my regular jeans and kermit sweater for the big parade today (more on why I didn’t actually go to the parade on the blog soon). I honestly didn’t feel bad about getting out some Seahawks colors. It was catching myself making an excuse to dig in again the next day that really felt like cheating. I’m back on track now :)

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