Project 333 winter – the list

Here’s a breakdown of my closet during the current season of P333. If you add it all up, there are more than 33 items, but some of them are not wear-alone items and anyway I don’t care. It’s a work-in-progress! (see my last post for pictures and more details).

The list:

3 dresses – 1 black (mostly worn under the others), 2 black and white cotton dresses.

4 cardigans – 1 black cotton, 1 grey vest-style, 1 long open weave teal/black, 1 short sleeved and bright pink
1 bright blue long sleeve collared shirt (I don’t like collars – I’m trying to like this one)

5 long sleeve tees – 2 black (1 round, 1 v-necked) 3 striped (1 is half sleeved)
4 tees – black v-necked, pink vintage Alaska souvenir, v-necked aqua, black merino wool.
3 sweaters – 2 v-necked cashmere – 1 black, 1 blue; 1 kermit green cable.

3 sweatshirts – pink, grey (both half sleeved); 1 zip necked merino wool.
2 sweatpants – light grey, charcoal grey (for around the house or exercise/dog walking)

1 pair of dark jeans
1 knee length denim skirt

5 pairs of leggings – all black! very rarely worn as pants, and all different. 1 pair are fleece-lined tights (NOT suitable for wearing alone!), 1 pair are Nike sporty capris, 1 pair are “skapris” skirted cotton capri leggings, 1 pair are tight cotton capri leggings, and 1 pair are basic cotton leggings :)
4 coats (pink PVC raincoat, raspberry pink twill, black wool, black lightweight trench – 3 of which were thrifted)

4 jackets (denim, pink puffer vest, purple waterproof, very warm black North Face fleece)

4 tanks (2 grey, 1 aqua, 1 black) for layering in winter.

I don’t wear a lot of accessories. I have my earrings. I wear earrings when I go out.

I have necklaces that I wear from time to time (many of which were gifts, which gives them their own value).

I have a wide elastic belt which I am not using right now, which may get donated with the dress it came with because it’s not very good quality. I should probably put it away. But I should probably replace it if I do because it was quite useful last summer to give my outfits a different look and give me a different shape.

I have some fingerless gloves, a knit hat, and some scarves that live by the front door to grab as I leave if it’s cold.

I have about 6 pairs of shoes in rotation right now – 2 pairs of converse (1 aqua pair are really torn up, black/pink ones are new), 1 pair of running shoes, 1 pair of Toms-ish slip ons (old, not for good), 1 pair of low black boots, 1 pair of flip flops I didn’t put away after my last trip. If I was counting my shoes I would probably get rid of 2-3 pairs. I hate fancy shoes! My shoes live at the front door (since we keep Asian household rules) and so I keep my regular socks in a basket at the front door too, so I can choose my socks based on the shoes I choose to wear (always a last minute decision). I keep fancy socks, the kind that are part of the outfit, in my closet so I can coordinate and see how they look, and I also keep my cozy at home socks in the bedroom closet too.

I think that’s about everything I have for this season. I have plenty of other clothes tucked away for other seasons. It will be fun to go through everything in a couple of months when spring is here to “shop” for a “new” spring wardrobe in my storage tote.

As a reward to you for reading this post (which I’m not sure is all that interesting without pictures – should I have added pictures?) I’ll share this photo of Mimi Pug who turned 12 this last weekend. I’m playing with a new camera and loving it!


Next time I will either share some camera/photo comparisons or, more likely, I will show you my minimalist packing plans for my upcoming trip!

bye for now,


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