my absence

Hey there,

Long time, no see.

I have been all over the internet the last few weeks – just not here. My last post got the attention of a company in the UK that makes art prints, and they started following me and “reblogged” my post, which means they took the beginning part of it and put it on their blog with a little link that lets people continue reading the post here on my blog. Nothing wrong with that really – except that now I feel like I’m sharing my Project Life (ie my LIFE) with all kinds of random people looking to buy art prints in England. And that really bothers me – especially since my content has nothing to do with their business! I feel like I’m being used. It’s really bothering me to think that any time I post a photo here, I might be contributing to a blog for a business that I know nothing about and do not support in any way.

Now I know the internet is all about this kind of thing. At least I’m getting credited in this case. There are plenty of web pages that are just lifted straight from other people’s blogs. And what’s the difference between people seeing my life in this blog vs seeing an excerpt of it on someone else’s blog? I don’t know, but it’s still creeping me out a bit.

So that’s why I haven’t blogged for a while.

I wish wordpress would allow people to opt out of having their content reblogged. I don’t think I want to have a private blog because I like to share my links on Facebook when I post something that I think will interest certain friends. I don’t want people to have to log in to see what I’ve written. I don’t think they’d bother.

By the way, I would also love to know why I had 50 views of my “new old fence” post on April 16th, with 32 referrals from Facebook. Especially since I only have 58 friends on Facebook and most of those people saw the post when it was new, over a year ago. What the hell? Every other day I have 0-9 views.

Blogging is a strange public-private enterprise. I think of my audience as being my family, my good friends, a few other friends who see a specific link on Facebook, and a few random people who have found me because of a shared interest or a comment I have left on another blog (Hi there, people I don’t know! welcome!)

I don’t know how I would cope if this blog was actually popular! I don’t know…

Anyway, I share my Project Life pages on instagram at the beginning of each week when I finish them. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue to share them here as well, or in what form. I’m not sure that any of you who follow me here ever cared about my PL pages anyway! I am OK about sharing crafts and refashions and stuff like that, even with the art print people, so I guess I will try to document some of that.

I’m actually working on a refashion right now. Well, kind of working on it… I’ve only had the guts to make a couple of cuts so far. But I think I have figured out what I want to do now, and I’m almost ready to go for it. I’ll snap a few pictures for you and see you back here in a few days (??) with a new skirt!


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7 Responses to my absence

  1. Do the UK people have a facebook page? Maybe your stuff got linked on their facebook page and people went over through that? I don’t know, strange…

    • The only page they reblogged was recent and no, they don’t seem to have a fb presence. They seem to grab a bunch of pages every 6 months or so to populate their “blog”. I don’t see any connection between the two things – except that they both bothered me!
      Actually I just looked at them on fb and they have 2 likes and one person complaining that they took her money and sent her nothing and never responded to her again!! SCAM?! That’s bloody brilliant. I’m even more impressed that I’m on their blog now… :(

      • Could you write to them and ask them to take your blog down? If it’s bothering you that much, it might give you some peace of mind.

      • You’re right, but I don’t think it will work, so I’m just going to get over it. It’s not a big deal really. It just stopped me in my tracks for a bit. I might change what I post here, or how much detail I include, paying more attention to this being a public space.

  2. Kate says:

    The fence could have been Pinterest (where people login with their fb login). I posted it to my Garden Fence Ideas pinterest board and every now and then I notice people pick it up. Those people can repost and then I wonʻt see when they do that. I ahve been thinking about watermarking my images ebcause I am finding them on Pinterest. But it is just another thing I ahve added to my to-do ;list….

  3. That was my first thought Kate, but I had ZERO referrals from Pinterest that day! Despite that image being repinned quite a lot, I’ve had almost no traffic from it – something like 10 people clicked over the week you pinned it, out of about 30? repins that week.
    I had 4 people find the blog that day through search engines and 32 more clicks from Facebook. Only a couple of page views of my main home page, a couple of other pages, and then the 50 for the fence post, which means those fb clicks must have gone straight to my fence post (or else I would have more views of the home/archive page). It’s quite perplexing. I guess I need to find my own link to the fence blog on my own fb, so I can check what’s up with it (are the privacy settings strange? did it show up in a sidebar thing the way old posts sometimes do? not that I would know that happened)
    It’s not like it really matters – wordpress gives me far too much information to obsess over!

    • I don’t think the fb log in to pinterest would show up as a fb referral, but I guess maybe…? I checked and the privacy is set to friends only on my fb post, so I don’t know. Some kind of error? glitch? bot?
      I’m going to let it go!

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