March, Project Life

I have been on the internet a LOT lately, and I have been keeping up with my Project Life, and I have been posting my PL spreads (and other random awesomeness) to instagram every week (I am joblackford if you want to follow me – I have posted 1250 pictures there since I got my iPhone last summer!) …I just haven’t been blogging…

…because I’ve been watching New Girl. And reading about New Girl. And commenting on wonderful New Girl recap/review posts by Katie at Nerdy Girl Notes (she says everything I would want to say, but she writes it better than I ever could). And watching GIFs of New Girl on tumblr. (And trying to figure out what the point of tumblr is (I think it’s all about indulging your obsessions)). Yeah… I really like New Girl. And it just keeps getting better and better. (!!!)

If I had more space in my Project Life there would probably be a New Girl review or picture for every week… I think I only mentioned it twice in 4 spreads, which is pretty good considering how much I’ve been watching it!

Anyway, here we go – 3 weeks of March, plus a bonus:


happy little person

Week 10. My friend Laura came over to visit with her baby, so pictures of Felix took over the left page completely. I love taking photos of babies! I added the sticker to the left after I did some online shopping. Because he really is.

I also included 2 photos I took at work. I took an instagram of a pile of condoms because we have had someone putting condoms in library books. A lot. Specifically one book on teen sex, and the Boy Scout Manual (be prepared!). And I photographed the first display I worked on. Brunch with hubby (and sunshine) and then he went on a business trip.

PLweek11Week 11 we had some sunshine again. We like it when the sun comes out. We usually have a lot of clouds. I added my week in review over the top of the sunny park pictures – they also show the progress being made in our park renovation. I went for a walk with a friend, and her daughter wore her princess cape over her raincoat – too cute! You gotta love 3 year olds. This was the week when the cherry blossoms started coming out. I got an amazing reflection in the glass doors in the break room which I instagrammed. We had another bad day at work – everyone was out sick or on vacation – even our substitute called in sick! We are already short staffed with 2 vacant positions, so it was BAD! But then again, it’s only books. No one dies if we don’t get our work done. So we worked really hard and everyone chipped in to help and we were OK. But it was an exhausting end to the week.

I took a photo of my lovely purple purse, my lovely purple bag (which Space gave me), and the shimmery purple cocktail dress I found at Goodwill, which I need for our upcoming Alaska cruise. I posted a story about a very drunk guy from Alaska on Facebook, and did a screenshot to save re-typing it. dblcam is a new app from the printstagram people that take a photo from your front and back phone cameras at the same time and makes a diptych. Kind of fun. And St Patricks Day meant corned beef and cabbage twice – a potluck at work and dinner with my mother in law.


This spread (above) is not about a particular week – it’s a “currently” kind of thing – the general stuff that’s going on that doesn’t necessarily feature in our weekly highlights. I started with the what we watch on TV card, because we love TV and we watch a few shows every night (yes, we still watch broadcast TV). I thought that listing off the shows we watch each night would be interesting, especially since right now a lot of our favorites are really good. I missed a couple of favs and included a couple of shows we really don’t care for (but watch because they used to be good or because they’re in between other shows we love). I’m not loving the TV card to be honest. It was my second attempt and it doesn’t really go with everything else, but it’s fine.

The photo of our house is from last spring, when the garden looked awesome. The photos of me at work are from last year’s Library Snapshot Day. I get to take photos for that event which is coming up again in a couple of weeks. I included my schedule because it is regular and simple. Hubby’s work life and calendar are scary and I don’t really get to see it. His job is insane. I was able to take screenshots of both of our commutes from google maps. His has recently changed for the worse, so it was something I wanted to record in some way. His days are insane. Food often gets featured in weekly spreads, but I thought it would be fun to name our favorite places to eat out. We don’t often go to movies or events and we never go to shows or concerts – our entertainment is eating out on the weekends. Pictures of Mimi Pug were an afterthought, but she doesn’t get as much space as she should. I had to set aside the picture I planned to use of hubby self-checking-out our groceries but we do that every Saturday morning, so I can use it sometime.

PLweek12And finally, week 12. Last week. Not a lot going on. I kept it pretty simple. Laura is back at work, too soon, but we missed her. And yet already it feels like she was never gone. I got the chance to take her picture in the regular Wednesday night spot (where we did her baby belly pix) with her son AND her husband! So that was too good. And I loved the shot I snuck of her snuggling Felix, so I couldn’t leave that out. More blossoms. Blossoms everywhere! which I love! Road works everywhere too, but they’re making progress. We got a freshly paved intersection (at long last) and a new sign and street trees. I took an instagram of my pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) but forgot my leftovers. And 3 panoramas, one rainy, two sunny, for the 1st and 2nd days of spring.  We had almost every kind of weather last week – even hail!

I did some more online scrapbook shopping so I have some new patterned papers (finally picked up 6×6″ paper pads) and new alphabet stickers, for variety. Sometimes I keep it simple – just printing a 3×4″ photo or an instagram faux-polaroid style. Sometimes (like with the blossom week 12 photo) I trim it a bit small and let the back of the card behind it show as a thin border – the pink hearts worked perfectly with this picture. It cuts down bulk and waste too.

I need to get more pictures of my friends in my PL. Especially the crazy crew I work with! If I don’t have a chance to get photos with them soon I might use photos we’ve taken in the past (Halloween, the princess party, Harry Potter mystery night, fire drill day, the day 5 of us wore purple) and make a spread anyway. Right now there are several people missing who really should be featured in my pages. I’ve also thought about snagging pictures off Facebook of all of my friends who have recently become parents. They deserve a spread – so many cute kids! and so many of them beautiful brown hybrid children (hopefully that doesn’t sound wrong – I just love mixed race babies!)

Ok, well, if you got to the end of this long long post, thanks for reading!

I’ll try to update more often so the posts are not so long.


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