crafty brilliance – 2

I’ve been on a crafty brilliance roll… I think I solved my gift wrap storage problem!

Again, like with the card I just posted about, I have been soaking up online inspiration a lot lately (I had a cold last weekend so I spent a lot of time sitting on the couch surfing the web!) and somewhere, possibly on Pinterest, I saw a picture of gift wrap being held against the side of someone’s closet with a cheap wire closet shelf (the shelf was parallel to the wall).

closet wrap storageI have tension rods. I have gift wrap. I have a closet. (I have pretty dresses!)

We have used tension rods for all kinds of storage uses around the house, especially back when we lived in rented tiny spaces. For example, we used them to create overhead “shelves” to hold bulky but lightweight items in our Japanese apartment.

I got 3 from the basement and used one to help hold the rolls up on the baseboard. The other two hold the wrap up against the wall. The inspiration image I saw had the wrap resting on the floor, which is fine, but I hate the pug hair dust bunnies that gather on our wood floors, especially where something touches the floor, so I opted to keep the floor clear. It also makes the closet feel more spacious and makes me happy.

I will probably move these rolls back towards the back of the closet behind the dresses, or possibly move the whole thing to the other side of the closet behind my hubby’s raincoat where they won’t be in the way. I have a couple more rolls of wrap in my giant craft drawer which might get moved here too. I went a bit overboard with wrap this year. I usually try to only keep 2-3 rolls on hand.

By the way, the big white thing in the right side of the photo is my 3 part foam core board which is a cheap reflector and also the backdrop I use when I photograph my Project Life – I take the foam core board out and lay it down on the table on the back porch where there’s more light.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this simple little idea. Maybe it will spark a solution to a problem you’ve been having.

I just realized I could have used the tension rods through the roll centers if I’d wanted to create a wrap station on the closet wall, assuming I had enough tension rods for the number of rolls I had and assuming the closet was wide/deep enough. Sometimes you just have to let your brain put random ideas together to get solutions to your problems.

UPDATE: I found the link! It was on Pinterest. The pin leads here to Family Handyman’s advice on DIY holiday storage…. number 4.


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  1. twistnpout says:

    good Idea! I also like the idea of putting the rods right through the rolls, but this works too. Oh- and I think I might do this to store ribbon. yayyy thanks.

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