sick day

Mimi and I spent a sick day home today. I wasn’t contagious or anything, but I wasn’t feeling good this morning and I wasn’t up to 5 hours of bending, stretching, crouching, and hauling, followed by a wet trudge home, so I gave myself the day off. And Mimi hasn’t been feeling well the last few days either. She has a gunky ear and it’s making her feel a little slow. She might have some puggy version of vertigo – her sluggishness is mainly evident in the way she jumps up on the couch and how she climbs stairs, very carefully. She’s doing better than she was on the weekend. But she’s clingy today, like a sick toddler.

needy pug


All morning we battled with trying to get comfortable. Normally she sits to my left, with her head near my knee, sometimes draped over my left leg under the quilts. Today she kept getting up and moving. She was trying to sit on my right, where there was no space, and she was pointed in the wrong direction. Then she tried to settle with her head down and butt up. I caught that middle photo right as she decided that wasn’t comfortable. She was like that for a minute or two. The she turned around and sat and looked at me. She didn’t leave much space for my laptop. She followed me everywhere today, even down the scary stairs to the laundry area. It took the mailman’s visit to settle her (after the inevitable panicked barking). I wonder if she spent the whole morning waiting for him?

Now we are well settled. Being sick and staying home all day throws the tummy clock off. The pug wanted to eat at 1 instead of 2:45 like usual. So she’s having lunch and a very small dinner today. It’s not worth the fight to wait until a reasonable time. We always laugh when the vet asks if Mimi is eating and drinking – it takes a lot to knock out a pug’s appetite.

I’m a bit out of sorts but the backache is mostly gone and my shoulders and neck haven’t gotten any worse. I’ll be right in a day or two. I felt better after I had a big plate of rice with a tablespoon of pesto, 2 fried eggs and a strip of crispy bacon for lunch. Sometimes you just need carbs, salt and fat! I had a nap, but I was also able to catch up on laundry (machine washing and drying, but not putting away – that was a bit too much for me). I’m not much inspired to read today, which is a shame. Maybe I’m too tired. Or just not sure about the book I’m reading. But I have been reading online.

I’ve been hanging out on – Ronnie takes beautiful photos with lots of light, high contrast and amazing negative space. She lives in Australia, which like NZ has a quality of light you just don’t find around here (especially not on this grey NW day!) but she also has a clean minimal style in her home and in her photos that I love. I look around and feel sad that my space is so dark and cluttered.

grey day

I know my house is not actually cluttered. But there’s a busy-ness to it. I notice it a lot when I take photos here – I can’t get a clean background. There’s always stuff in the background. I love the woodwork details we have, I love our house. But sometimes I wish for big bright walls and windows, simple colors, clean lines… I don’t want a minimal home, but sometimes I long for bright open spaces where I can take a photo with negative space. I need a loft studio!

The funny thing is that I love such different styles at the same time. I’ve been looking at PL pages that are detailed and layered with papers and stickers and embellishments and I love them, especially if they are bright with plenty of white. But at the same time I love Ronnie’s layouts which don’t use any cards or stickers or embellishments at all – she uses simple text on her photos and doesn’t add anything extra – just gorgeous photos. I’ve often felt confused by how I can love 2 opposite things at once.

I guess my style is something in between!


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