another frosty morning

view 1view 2Olympics view


Thought you might like a break from the crapbooking talk… pretty pictures!

It’s another cold morning here. Around freezing or a bit below. The fog was hanging over the water (you can see it if you look closely at the second picture, in the background) but over here the sun came out and the skies are clear. Yesterday we had freezing fog everywhere until mid-morning.

All the mountains are out. We can see the Olympics from inside, but even better from the porch. As you step out to the road you can see the Cascades way off in the distance, very tiny, and only on a clear day like this. We have to go down the street to see Mt Rainier out behind the ridge. It pops up in the strangest places but hides behind clouds much of the time. It always makes me happy to see it where and when I least expect it.

My bus ride to work today will be a little nicer because of the views…

and so will my dog walk…

which is what I should be doing right now!


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