Mimi Pug’s quilt

I totally forgot that I took a couple of quick photos of Mimi’s quilt project, not just the instagram I posted before!

the old quilt inside

See the old quilt inside? and the cool sock monkey sock printed fabric on the back?

Mimi's quilt


Cute fabric… and it’s a cozy and warm quilt, especially because the other quilt is inside – 4 layers of flannel and the cotton batting… I wish I was under it right now!

Happy Winter Solstice! Winter is really here. But the days will be getting longer now, so that’s good! Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun :) I never manage to make the solstice as special as I feel it should be. I kind of wish that Christmas was celebrated on the solstice, actually.

Cuddle up warm inside with your loved ones!

Mimi Pug legs

Mimi Pug squishy face



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