“Stuffed in my Drawers: An Inventory”

My second Sketchbook Project book for 2012… the theme was lists and as usual I wanted to do some photography, so I shot photos (on film) of some of my storage spaces around the house. Then I listed out everything in each space. Yep, everything! Which made me realize just how much stuff I have, even though I’m pretty much decluttered… Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to remember every item you own, so you could make an inventory from memory? I find the idea fascinating…
Anyway take a look at my pages. The scan is not the best (the thickness of the book made the spine area go out of focus) but you should be able to read it if you want to. The Sketchbooks will be mailed as soon as the post office calms down a bit. Yay me! 2 books in one year!

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