photo project fun – fall


The theme for photo fun this month was fall and/or Halloween. We had to wait for a little while for our Indian summer to end and our rain to return. And now Halloween is only a couple of days away.

Yes, I used instagram.

I didn’t have any ideas for creative fall photos that weren’t the obvious – fallen leaves, blazing trees, or pumpkins. So I went with simple everyday life instagrams to try to show what fall means to me. Which it turns out is not really very much.

This is fall in the Pacific Northwest.

But then again, so is this, if we’re lucky…

I don’t remember people making much of a big deal out of fall/autumn back home in NZ. I thought it might be because our seasons are not very extreme. Or because we don’t spend money decorating our houses for the seasons. But I think it might also be because it’s between April and June in the southern hemisphere. That quiet time of the year. Not only do we not have Halloween to celebrate in fall (because it’s in spring, which feels all wrong) but fall isn’t leading up to anything in NZ – the short mid year school holidays are the only thing that July brings besides the sniffles. Here in the US, fall is part of the long slide into Christmas – back to school, Halloween, harvest, Thanksgiving – all of it leads into anticipation of the Christmas holiday season.

The rhythm of the year makes a lot more sense in the northern hemisphere, where seasons and holiday events match up. Halloween is a spooky time when the trees seem to be dying, the days are growing short, and the cold is creeping in. Blossoms, new growth and spring lambs say Easter, not Halloween, but in NZ that’s what is really happening in October. Maybe that’s why kiwis are a little odd. Because we grew up backwards and upside down…

That is all for today.





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