week 42, 2012

I just barely squeaked into week 42. Just a day to spare. It’s been longer than I planned between posts.

We’re already working on week 3 of Project Real Life, and I haven’t reviewed week 2, beyond thinking about it in the shower. As it turns out though weeks 1, 2 and 3 are very closely connected. Week 2 talked about “putting first things first” – another Covey principle, and week 3 is themed “nurture relationships” which is the first thing to put first, if you believe in putting people before things.

Putting first things first means scheduling your priorities, not prioritizing your schedule (more words of wisdom from Covey). But if I look at what I do every day it seems that my priorities must be sitting, hiding with the Pug under a blanket and hoping she won’t wake up for hours, surfing the internet, and half-listening to TV. Reading, diary keeping, tidying, working, being active… none seem to be high priorities if you look at my daily life. If I dig down deep, I guess being comfortable is my highest priority some days! wow. great…

So maybe that’s why I avoided writing about week 2.

But I guess it’s not so bad. Let’s retell the story of what I do first most days.

The first thing I do most mornings is stumble out of bed, not completely willingly, and make a hot bento lunch for hubby to take to work. Then I make a cup of not-coffee for myself and sit down with the Pug on the sofa and drape quilts over us. That makes both of us happy. Then I check and see what my friends have been up to – i.e.. I check facebook. Then I read news and views on the web and find interesting stories that I would like to discuss with friends and family and post them. I do my diarizing (memory keeping, which keeps my future self happy) and some book reading. Then I nap, if necessary, eat avocado on toast for breakfast, walk the dog, and do any projects or chores that catch my fancy. Then I get ready, always rushing at the last minute even if I started out ahead of the game, and go to work, where I am a fairly productive person trying to support one of my favorite things – the concept and reality of the library. After work I usually sit with the Pug and do some kind of creative work or surf the web and facebook. I make dinner almost every night, sometimes in 15 minutes or less, but usually pretty much from scratch. Then I sit and watch TV with hubby, which is how he winds down after a long day at work.

Laying it out that way makes me sound and feel like a better person. I am taking care of my family, 2 legged and 4, looking after my health in a small way (with room for improvement, for sure) and doing things I enjoy and value – learning, working, making, sharing. Yes, I spend a bit too much time consuming other people’s lives and stories and not enough doing what I know I need to do, but, all in all, I think I’m not doing too badly.

I may have to look into my procrastination habit… maybe tomorrow…! =)

but I could be worse…


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