photo project fun – a day

The third photo challenge for our facebook group was “a day in my life” which is another popular photo project genre that appeals to a certain crowd. I haven’t looked into this much, but I like the basic idea. I just keep forgetting to do it!

Lizzie, who was the source of this photo challenge, came to Seattle with me on Tuesday – I had some extra ferry tickets to use up and I needed a good walk and a laugh… She was doing “ADIML” that day so I kind of went along with that. I didn’t really complete this project “properly” though – I didn’t take any pictures until we were in Seattle, I only took a few pictures right after I got home, I’m not presenting them in a timeline format, but whatever – I still thinks this counts as a day (off work) in the life of Jo:


I think you can see it bigger if you click on it =)

Oh yeah, and I used instagram because I don’t care about what the photo snobs say, I like it. And these are not earth shattering Art or journalism photos, they’re not timeless records of my special day, they’re not heirlooms. They’re snapshots of gum and graffiti and things that made me laugh and things we did and saw… just for fun.

In case you’re wondering about the pictures: we went to Seattle on the ferry, visited City Target and the gum wall, got some water from the drinking fountains at Nordstrom, played with a touchscreen window display, observed the monorail and planned a future trip, hopped a bus to Fremont, did a walking tour of the many quirky attractions in that neighborhood (JP Patches, the Interurban people getting dressed up, a troll, Vlad Lenin, ivy dinosaurs, rocket ship, gorgeous mission revival style Carnegie Library, gas works, etc), joined some random Fremonsters eating lunch at PCC (that’s a grocery store), walked a lot, hopped on another bus back to town, got some pastries at Pike Place Market, visited Sasquatch, and rode another ferry home. I then fed the dog, made some not-coffee, and rested my feet for a few hours.

It was a lovely day.


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  1. space says:

    looks like it was a great day. :)

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