photo project fun!

Recently one of my friends set up a small group on facebook for friends who enjoy photography and who want to do photo challenges. I thought it would be a fun thing to be part of.  After doing my 3rd photo challenge yesterday I realized it would be fun to share what I’m doing here on the blog, since I have been neglecting to keep you up to date with whatever else has been going on in my life… =)

So to start at the beginning…

the first challenge (my idea) was ” the inside underside upside down bottom or back of something you’ve taken photos of before”

And here are my photos:

I take a lot of pictures around Seattle, so these are some of my favorite spots from a different angle. Pike Place Market and the Pike Place Market sign from behind (and as a little bonus, do you see the little upside down lamp guy in the top left picture?); the Pike Place Market balloon guy from below and behind; the underside of the Viaduct (good riddance to the rotten thing soon! but it did make for a cool photo); Ivar Haglund feeding the seagulls statue, from behind, which I love.

To be honest, that I may have taken photos like this before, but these ones were taken new for the challenge, not pulled from my archives. I was also trying to take a “back of the head” self portrait but that didn’t pan out! I guess I should have used a tripod… One of my co-conspirators on the fb group took some really neat photos of household objects from below – her lamps were really cool. I had originally thought about taking photos from below household appliances like the toaster oven but in the end I decided to go outside and walk and play instead.

By the way, I took my photos with my iPhone 4S and made the collage using cf/x collage, a “collage creation uber-tool” (mac app) which is how I make most of my photo collages for the blog.

another challenge coming very soon…


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