photo project fun – the essentials

For our second facebook photo group challenge we drew inspiration from the internet where sometimes blogs show “essentials” of selected people. It is related to the “things organized neatly” genre and the “what’s inside your bag/purse” genre. Check out flickr if you don’t know how popular these types of photos are with a certain crowd – yes, like me – I subscribe to a “what’s in your bag” tumblr, although I gave up “things organized neatly” after a while…

Anyway, here are my essentials:

I decided to go right down to the bare essentials, but then I added in the stuff to the left which is the stuff I know I should carry every day but often leave behind but usually regret not having with me. The stuff on the right is with me every day. The sunshine coming in the dining room window is a bonus – I wish I could have sunshine with me almost every day, but if I remind myself that it’s up above the clouds even when I can’t see it I can usually make it through a drab day.

A lot of people would include a certain bag or certain shoes or some other accessories. I carry a different bag each day depending on my mood and my needs. I don’t really view any shoe as essential, although I have been loving the Teva flip flops I picked up earlier this summer. I realized that I should have had my glasses in the photo. As hubby pointed out, they are probably my most essential possession – something I hadn’t considered before but I keep in mind now (grateful for glasses, I need to look after them). If I was thinking about clothing, I would say that a dress (any one of the 20 or so I own) and dangly earrings (any pair of the 10 or so I own) would be “essential” in terms of “my style.” And in terms of entertainment, my laptop is with me a good portion of my day at home, and my current book usually comes with me when I go out. But my phone can also substitute for either one – and it takes the place of a camera a lot of the time, which is why there are no cameras in the picture.

I went with the “what I carry with me” angle, because that’s my obsession =) and lately this is it. What’s in your wallet/purse/essentials photo?


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