digital scrapbooking success

It’s been a while…

I hope you weren’t waiting to hear more about our travels with B and Jools! I’ve been working on a sketchbook project of the trip (travelogue theme) for the Sketchbook Project 2013. That’s done now, and I will share it here very soon.

But for today I’m excited to share a very simple digital scrapbook page I made today. It’s nothing special – it was really just an experiment to see if I could make a page using photoshop elements 10 without referring to instructions and tutorials at every step. I used a layered template and decorative card from Becky Higgins’ Project Life and a free background from Jessica Sprague. I took the pictures at 5.25am one morning a couple of weeks ago to explain to a friend why I’m always on facebook so early in the morning.

Here’s the finished product:


I learned how to do this from Jessica Sprague and Cathy Zielske and Ali Edwards and others I can’t recall – I’ve looked at a few online tutorials! But these 3 ladies have made some very helpful video tutorials which cover the basics of using layered templates and clipping masks.

I don’t want to create pages to print out at 12×12″ like the old scrapbooks that I used to make, but I thought these kinds of layouts might be fun for my blurb books (at 7×7″ – is that too small? or some other kind of 8×8″ mini book) or just for the blog here. I’m not sure if I’ll make a lot of digi-pages, but it’s fun to know how!


P.S. I wanted to link to to show where Becky Higgins digital Project Life is available but right now the internet is not cooperating. I will try to update that later. But if I don’t, go to Jessica’s site and click on brands and choose Becky Higgins.

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2 Responses to digital scrapbooking success

  1. space says:

    great little scrapbook page!

  2. I just noticed a typo! argh. there’s a – and then an )… :(

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