obsessed with digital project life

I have been spending waaaaaay too much time online looking at other people’s Project Life pages. (I dare you to type “project life ideas” into google images or pinterest!)

Actually, you probably haven’t heard of Project Life if you’re not a scrapbooker – it’s an easy way to scrapbook your family life and events with a focus on getting pictures into albums that look nice but don’t take hours to create. Becky Higgins created it to solve a problem she had in her scrapbooking life. It turns out that a lot of people have the same problem – not enough time to have a full and busy life AND to scrapbook it all.

A lot of people use project life to capture the everyday details of life with kids, but it’s a system you can use any way you want to. It can be photo a day project or a family album or an easy way to get old pictures out of a box and captioned with the who what when where details. There are physical versions and digital versions –  12″x12″ divided pages in a giant binder, or a printed book, or you can create pages on your computer and print them out 12″x12″ to slip into regular scrapbook albums. And/or you can publish the digital pages on your blog.

The possibilities are many… and every family is different… which is why my computer has been looking something like this lately:

We’ll call it “searching for inspiration” but it’s really just obsessive observation.

I did finally download photoshop elements editor last week and studied some video tutorials and books to learn some new skills. I have bookmarked several digital products I think I would like to work with (templates, decorative cards, overlays). I have put a selection of photos into an iPhoto album that I think I will use to create some project life pages, but they will also end up in my year-end blurb book (which is its own kind of project life).

In other words I’m still figuring out how to create my own version of project life that I will be happy with. But I think I need to step away from the computer and read a book and give myself some space to think! Sometimes I get so caught up in the how-to-do-it that I forget to ask myself what I’m trying to do and why.


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