in memory of my Pentax SLR

These are some of the first pictures I took with my Pentax camera at a hanami (cherry blossom) picnic at Oji Koen Zoo in Kobe, Japan, spring 1999.

I was so happy with this shot:

I had never taken pictures of children before, and I don’t think I’d used my new camera very much before this. I had only bought it a couple of months before. I was so happy with the results. I discovered that I loved taking pictures of toddlers.

I put together the scrapbook page about 8 years ago. I have 2 huge scrapbooks full of pictures I took in Japan. I guess I will need to photograph them or digitize them at some point, although I have all my negatives, so I could just get those scanned (which would yield a LOT more photos than I have in the albums… lots of rejects, but maybe also some lost treasures…)

Looking at these pictures reminds me of the satisfying sound and feeling of the shutter, which makes me sad that my camera doesn’t work anymore… and I still haven’t decided what camera(s) I might buy to replace it. Not that there’s any hurry.


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