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Last weekend was Armed Forces Day and around here we have the biggest and longest running Armed Forces Day parade in the nation – this year was the 64th. And it starts right in front of our house! Well, actually it stages in front of our house and all the way down the street, and only the last groups actually start “parading” in front of our house. But regardless, we can sit on the porch and watch soldiers and marching bands and Mustangs and beauty queens and drill teams and assorted costumed characters hurrying up and waiting for their turn in the parade.

And this year this was our very special view:

Isn’t that hilarious?! We had half a dozen porta-potties parked right across the street from our house! A bit of a bummer, we thought at first, until we saw this guy go in and come out:

Yes, my nephew would love a flag, even if he doesn’t know who our 16th President was! He waved his flag at everyone going by for a couple of hours, then retreated to comfortable couch in the front window with some Cheerios and watched the cars (the cars! oh, how he loves cars!) and horses and motor bikes go by.

Yes, we had guests this year – our porch held 6 adults, 2 toddlers and the pug, with a short visit from our very shy 4 year old neighbor and her grandmother. The weather was lovely, not too cold, the garden was in bloom, and a good time was had by all… watching who was going into the loos so I could snap a picture of them coming out! I missed the soldier who took his rifle in, but I got pretty much everyone else!

Learning to turn bummers into bonuses.


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