Forgive me my silence.

I had good intentions of writing a couple of blog posts while we were away on holiday that came to nothing. My wifi connection was good enough for most things but wordpress takes a special effort to load for some reason and I decided it just wasn’t worth the frustration.
(I love the way this blog looks but on the best of days I have plenty of frustrations with the site itself and the process of getting photos on here… not all wordpress’s fault perhaps – iPhoto seems to kick in it’s share of complications…)
Anyway, we got home a week ago and once again I planned to share all manner of wonderful things with you here… but wifi got in the way again! My home connection is glitchy (to say the least) so I am brought to the library in search of a signal. That’s cool (yay, libraries rock!) except that I work here, and blogging is not exactly what I want to do before (or after) work most days.
Oh yeah, and then I caught one of the colds that’s been going around. So I’ve been sitting on the couch watching Lark Rise to Candleford (a BBC show) or sleeping for the last 4 days, rejoicing when my iPod loads a webpage and trying not to grind my teeth when my laptop says it’s connected but won’t load a thing. (Oh I exaggerate – it would load a page or two, give me hope, and then it would refuse)
I decided I needed to make a decision – to continue with this digital life and all it’s torments and joys, or give it up. And I decided that the internet not working shows me how useful it is when it is working…
So please forgive this complaining post that I am barely going to reread or edit.
And please forgive me if I throw some fairly random and unrelated posts up here in the coming days or weeks. I’m going to try to get caught up and share some of the things I wanted to show you about our trip and the weeks before and after. Decorated shoes. The dresses I took with me to NZ. A weta. Villas, and baches. Marmaggedon perhaps. Maybe even a quiz where you can test your knowledge and learn a little bit about NZ….

We’ll see…


(a little happier now that I see that iPhoto is showing ALL of my events when I go to upload media here – that was part of what was holding me back from posting last month!)

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3 Responses to absence

  1. wherethewildthingsbe says:

    I am curious: are you posting to your blog from a laptop, iPad or iPod when travelling or at home? I have found that using my Macbook Pro it is easier to upload pics to my blog (admittedly Blogger platform not WordPress) by exporting them first from iPhoto to the desktop, then uploading. So that is how I work even though I know it is clunky and multiple steps. This weekend I acquired an iPad specifically for traveling, working with photography and blogging (and email and ebooks of course). Haven’t done any posts yet from the iPad so can’t comment and my few hours of contact time with it so far I am not in love…..

    • @wherethewildthingsbe – I use my Macbook AIr. I do have an iPod Touch app but because I don’t have all of my pictures on there (yet, not till I upgrade and get the iCloud up and running) it’s not very useful. I also end up exporting pictures to the desktop sometimes – for some reason the most recently upload(s) don’t show up if I use the “add media” and pull from iPhoto. It IS clunky to export to the desktop first, but it does help me choose the best shots when I can see them clearly full screen. But until recently I was often opening my selections in picnik, creating a collage (especially for portrait oriented pix) and then saving those to the desktop before I could upload, and that really slowed me down. I need to get a collage maker app (I found one in the app store, but I haven’t bought it yet). Picasa has a great one, but I don’t want to use picasa!! oh, the trials and tribulations of photo blogging…!

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