one year after the Japanese tsunami

Taking a moment to think of all the people who lost their lives a year ago… and all those who lost loved ones and their homes and livelihoods…

If you live in a tsunami zone you should know what a tsunami looks like. It’s not a big “tidal wave” like I imagined as a child – if you can see it, they said, it’s too late to run; a giant crashing wave traveling at the speed of a plane. No, it’s not how I imagined it at all. The sea comes in, just as it always does, but it doesn’t stop. It just keeps coming in.

Please consider watching one or more of these videos that I found on youtube. They are mostly quiet, as the sea slowly but surely takes over the land. I was shocked by how quiet most of the videographers were as they watched the water come in. The videos are disturbing but you will not see any dead bodies or people swept away. (Japanese TV news footage) (a tiny fishing village, its people watching safely from a hill)  (a 9 minute video that becomes very scary around the 8th minute) (cars and buildings washed away)

In awe of nature’s power,



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