Apologies for another long absence.

Hopefully it made your heart grow fonder ;)

Catching up might take a while. Here’s one thing I meant to show you…

Recently I have been enjoying smoothies made in my new old blender. It is vintage, probably a high end model from the 1970s (according to my experts) and it works like a charm. It has all metal gears, so there’s less chance of damaging the connection between the motor and the blender jar.

We had searched high and low for a replacement blender after deciding that it really was a good thing to have around (I decluttered our old one, which was a combo blender/food processor – the food processor really didn’t work well at all and its many parts frustrated me. So I donated the whole thing. After many months we realized that we only missed the blender.) We looked at an early 60s model in one store (but it couldn’t handle ice unfortunately) and a whole array of junky plastic-geared models available new at every price point. We hesitated to buy a second-hand ugly 70s-brown Osterizer and when we came back for it (giving in to its ugliness) it was gone.

And then one evening at the Value Village after work, I found it. The chrome Osterizer of my dreams. Built like a tank. Rust proving its metal components.

Heavy – solid – and only $10.


Hubby confirmed that it was our dream machine and quickly took care of the rust and generally cleaned it up. And now I am enjoying delicious blended frozen fruit smoothies.

Favorite tastes:

non dairy coconut “milk beverage” with frozen peaches and a banana

or with frozen mixed berries, banana and greek yogurt

or with frozen mango, pineapple and a banana

next time maybe I’ll try yogurt and mango…


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