analog love

I’ve been obsessing, wanting to buy a Diana camera (specifically the deluxe package with all the lenses and accessories, plus a 35 mm back and the Instax instant film back… a whole system of analog love!) but I hesitate because I already have a film SLR and a cool digital camera, and I haven’t gotten rid of my old digicam yet.

How many cameras should a girl who loves photography have?

Hubby said that 5 was a reasonable number (he said this was also the maximum number of cars he should have in the future – 2 for daily use, 3 to restore. Completely broken ones may be used for parts – I don’t think they count towards the total… same rules for cameras and cars – who knew?!)

So… when I spotted this, I bought it!

It’s a Minolta Hi-Matic 5 JCPenney. It was probably made between 1969 and 1971. Yes, it’s older than I am. It cost $25 (with its original case, manual, flash, flash case and a little gadget that seems to be a timer, which seems not to work) – a pretty good price, I thought, especially at an antique shop (Simply Renewed, downtown Bremerton. Supporting local business was another great justification for buying it…!)

I had film at home (still having a happy Xmas, thanks sis-in-law!) so I ran a roll through, snapping random stuff around the yard and house, trying bright light and shadow, self portraits and pug shots. I put batteries in the flash (which works!) and tried that out too.

Now I just have to wait and see…

fingers crossed,


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