a favorite seaside town

Port Townsend, Jefferson County, WA. Everything our little town could be but isn’t.

We had lunch at Silverwater Cafe and wandered around the farmers market. I took some self portraits and practiced shooting from the hip. Imagined living in one of these lovely old buildings in this cute little downtown in the middle of nowhere.

The bull was a little too… real, shall we say, to be seen by ladies, so a fence had to be added for some decency. Or so the story goes.

Next time (when I’m with someone a little more literary) I want to go in here:

We loved the look of this place but the best place for ice cream is down the street. I ate my dutch malt sugar cone before I thought to take a photo of it, or note the name of the shop. But it’s down the far end of town. And worth waiting in line for.

We ate on the dock, looking out at rich people playing on a very expensive boat and laughing (quietly) at a couple wearing matching outfits (tan cargo pants and navy shirts). Watched one ferry leave and another come in. Noticed the mountains out to the east and west. Remarked on the beauty of this area with its waterways, forests and mountain ranges.

On the way out of town we stopped at this place I had seen as we came into town (at the first roundabout) – hardware was the least of it.

I’d better put the rest of the pix on flickr or you’ll be here all day.


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3 Responses to a favorite seaside town

  1. Kate says:

    Love love love Port Townsend – used to spend a *lot* of time there. Some of my fav PT experiences: movies at the Rose Theatre with nutritional eyast, olive oil and tamari on the popcorn, Khularb Thai Restuarant – positively the best Thai I have found in the PNW. The tea shop (looseleaf honeybush tea, yes!) and the recycled wardrobe shop next to it – forget the name but on the land side (mauka if you are Hawaiian) of the street that goes up from the downtown fountain to the hill where there is a magnificent view of the harbour and the ferry boat coming and going, the deli at the Co-Op for lunches and carrot, ginger fresh juiced drinks, in fact the Co-op in general, the Goodwills – aaaah! the BEST treasures were discovered there, there is also a shop called Wandering Wardrobe near the fountain which has beauty in abundance, in Water street there was a shop which sold hats and beautiful yarn, once in the evening when passing through from olymp[ic Peninsular trip Seamus, harley and myself had hot chocolate in some underground kind of place which I ahve never been able to find again, Fort Warden for the set of Officer and Gentleman (think Richard gere in his prime…) and the swathes of green grass, then the ebach at Fort warden for the ocean waves and sand between your tows. Can be windy but the lighthouse is a fav haunt of mine too….guess I should use past tense….Suddenly am overcome with enormous sadness because the distance. I took my joy and my sorrow to Port Townsend in all weathers and seasons during my Kitsap years.

    And oh yes, the PT Wooden Boat festival – in September I believe – incredibly beautiful wooden boats of all shapes, sizes and vintage and the colourful characters who love and nurture them.

  2. Robyn says:

    The Vintage Hardware place is amazing. Dan was missing a couple drawer pulls on a roll top desk he bought, and we found matching replicas there.

  3. space says:

    somehow I’ve never been in Vintage Hardware…

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