Port Townsend deer family

Holiday weekend, sunshine and warm weather… a good excuse for a drive north.

In Port Townsend on Saturday, walking up to the farmer’s market, hubby spotted a deer grazing in someone’s overgrown yard.

We walked over and took some photos (of course!)

It took a while before we noticed the baby with her:

no, wait – 2 spotted fawns!

At one point the mama deer got a little bit spooked and headed out to the road…

…but we suggested she’d be better off staying with her little ones in the yard. She agreed.

She and the fawns blended back into the shrubbery and then headed into the back yard and then over to the neighbors, continuing with their lunch as people walked a few feet away, generally unaware of their presence.

I have seen a deer (or two) almost every time I have been to Port Townsend!

more pictures from our weekend wanderings will follow shortly.


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1 Response to Port Townsend deer family

  1. space says:

    the deer in Port Townsend are so wonderfully there!

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