Salmon Bake

We went out to a salmon bake on Sunday, a fundraiser for the Friends of the Manchester Library. What a great event! We’ve never been before, but it’s a Father’s Day tradition in Manchester.

We waited in a long line for our salmon. If we had been later the line would’ve been longer. To me long lines mean something is worth waiting for, and I was pleased it was such a successful fundraiser.


I kept myself busy…


taking photos of us waiting…


taking photos of Mimi at our feet, waiting…

She waited well, for the most part. Once she got sitting she couldn’t see why we wanted her to shuffle forward every few minutes. Makes sense. We had her lie down when the line stopped moving for a long time (waiting for the salmon to cook). Yes, the old dog has 2 tricks! (thanks to her auntie who taught her “down”)

The salmon was well worth waiting for.

Mimi made some new friends and ran into some old friends. I was very surprised when an older man came up to me and said “don’t I know you from Bremerton? when I’m doing my parking lots?” – I didn’t recognize Mimi’s Diamond Parking guy friend out of context! I saw one of my friends, so we went over to say Hi while hubby stayed in line (thank you hubby!) and had the privilege of taking a photo of a tiny baby girl curled up under her husband’s jacket. I don’t have her parents’ Ok to post that picture here, but just imagine a sweet, plump baby girl with her lips puckered, fast asleep in a blob on a big man’s chest – awwww!

To make up for not showing you the cute baby picture, here are some cute puggin pictures instead:

And a reflected self portrait with pug:

And some wildlife shots:

The camels I can’t really explain. You don’t see a lot of camels in the northwest. But this farm has 2 camels – one with two humps, one with one.  There’s a sign on the fence talking about the differences, but it doesn’t reveal WHY they have camels…

The deer was just moseying along the road as we drove into Manchester.


p.s. Did you notice? Yes, I was wearing jeans! I do still wear pants sometimes (usually as a kind of disguise… dressing up like a normal person) and yes, after a couple of hours I wished I was wearing a skirt!

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