Tree Warmers in Occidental Park

Look what they did in Occidental Park!

It’s Art!

I almost missed this light pole (below). Lucky I walked back through the park on my way back to the ferry…

This is one of my favorite places in Seattle. Occidental Park, near Pioneer Square…

The city wanted to remove 19 of the trees (at some point a few years back) to make the park more inhospitable to the homeless people who tend to hang out there. Yes, that is the kind of crazy thinking that goes on in this country sometimes… Thankfully it doesn’t seem to have happened. Yes, most of the people who spend time in the park are homeless, like in most parks in many American inner cities. That’s not because the parks are too beautiful…  (I won’t rant, not today)

photo by Space

The ivy covered brick building (above and left), the Grand Central Arcade, is where President Obama had coffee when he visited Seattle last year.

It makes my heart sing seeing these old brick buildings that have survived so much – built after the great fire, threatened by strong earthquakes and shortsighted developers… In a young western city in a young country, a hundred year old building is a treasure.

I hope to be able to share more favorite places and city street art with you soon.

Maybe next time we should explore Pike Place Market, and then, hopefully, we can see how the restoration of King Street Station is coming along…


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2 Responses to Tree Warmers in Occidental Park

  1. Liz says:

    Those are beautiful and make me so happy! Must have been a nice surprise :)

  2. space says:

    It was Knit Bombing Day! (really!) I’m so glad someone in Seattle participated! & that you captured some of that lovely joy!

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